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Exclusive Valiant Promo: X-O MANOWAR

We have an exclusive piece of art for Valiant's awesome sci-fi title!

We're teaming up with Valiant to release brand spankin' new promos for each of their top-notch books. We'll release one per day (they have 5 titles) and today we have a promo for Robert Venditti's X-O MANOWAR. Illustrated by Arturo Lozzi, the image appears to show Aric bringing the fight to The Vine in one of their own ships.

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Well, "uncompromising" is definitely a great way to describe Aric. It's going to be vicious as he aims to wipe out The Vine for what they've done to him. If you're not reading X-O MANOWAR, I highly recommend for you to fix that mistake. The last issue was a great jumping on point for 'Planet Death' and I imagine this one will be, too.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for another exclusive Valiant promo!