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Exclusive: TEEN TITANS Villains Month Plus Marv Wolfman Talks TRIGON

The Teen Titans are going to be facing TWO villains in the same month.

You've probably heard the official news on DC's Villains Month coming in September. All the titles will be renamed (in a sense) with a villain taking over the comic. The issues will actually actually take place in "point 1" issues.

For the TEEN TITANS, there will actually be TWO villains comics, one focusing on Trigon and the other on Deathstroke.

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Art by CAFU

3-D motion cover by EDDY BARROWS and EBER FERREIRA

On sale SEPTEMBER 11 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

He is the ruler of six kingdoms of pain, suffering and agony—but the one world that evades Trigon is Earth. Trigon’s influence has been spread across worlds by his sons, but it wasn’t until he conceived a daughter of Earthly origin that the monster finally had an heir who could aid his quest. Now, with all the world’s heroes missing— is this the final victory of Trigon?

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3-D motion cover by EDDY BARROWS and EBER FERREIRA

On sale SEPTEMBER 18 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

One of the deadliest men in the world has a secret: his family. Slade Wilson lives to kill, but can even Deathstroke the Terminator balance his home life with a complicated hit?

If that wasn't enough news for you, we also had the chance to speak with TRIGON writer and creator, Marv Wolfman!

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Comic Vine: Where does Trigon stand in regards to other characters you've created?

Marv Wolfman: Not sure what this means but when I created the idea of Trigon, DC didn't really have large scale villains like him. I wanted him to not only be the terrifying representation of evil, but also the father of Raven; the idea being he would inextricably linked to one of the Titans and would be the reason for the characters to get together.

To me the best villains have a real emotional link to the hero so it's more than "I'm going to rob a bank" or "Let me take over the Earth." Trigon fit into this. Others, like Anti-Monitor, were to be above all emotional connections since he had to fit into the entire DCU as opposed to a single group.

By the way, even though I came up with Trigon, George Pérez's visual creation is what certainly made him distinctive and powerful. The antlers were designed to give him a very strong sexual allure, something we actually talked about even back in 1980.

CV: Did it ever cross your mind that this character would still have such an importance over thirty years later?

MW: You never think this way. I try to create a character that will resonate with the characters (making him or her important to them) and to the readers because he is important. But you can't know in advance if it'll work. Fortunately Trigon did, but others don't. Even Stan Lee who created Galactus and Dr. Doom created Paste Pot Pete and the Gibbon.

CV: How does Trigon fit in with today's comic characters and villains?

MW: No idea. Again, he was created to be an ultimate satanic evil but he needed to be directed toward the Titans, and specifically Raven. Whether he would fit with other heroes was never my plan. But if other writers can come up with a way to use him, it means George Perez and I did our job well.


CV: Have you seen the other versions of Trigon in Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go! or the TINY TITANS comics?

MW: I have always made it a policy not to read comics using characters I create after I leave them. So I have not seen Trigon's appearances in any DC comic. I did see him in the original Titan cartoons and thought they did a wonderful job translating him for a much younger audience but keeping his spirit intact.

CV: What's Trigon's greatest strength and weakness?

MW: I think his strength and weaknesses are the same; he's Raven's father and believes because he is an ultimate power that she will do what he says. He is of course wrong.


CV: If you were to create Trigon today, is there anything you would change? Apperance, color, personality, etc?

MW: Nope. I think he works. I have amplified the origin but the essence of the character is the same.