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Exclusive: SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #1 Variant Covers

Get a look at the other covers available for the new series.

By now most people reading comics are aware that Superman and Wonder Woman are dating. A lot of focus and attention was placed on their kiss back in JUSTICE LEAGUE #12. These two do have some things in common in the New 52 and it will be interesting to see what Charles Soule and Tony Daniel have planned for the two. Not everyone in the DC Universe is happy to see the two together. Also, will this pick up after the events of Trinity War?

Today, DC has revealed the variant covers to the first issue.

There will be a black-and-white version of the Tony Daniel cover:

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There will be one by Aaron Kuder:

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And, in a fitting manner, Cliff Chiang will also provide a variant cover:

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If you haven't already expressed interest with your local comic shop, you might want to do so ASAP to find out if they are getting any and if anyone has already called dibs on them.

Here's a look at the original by Tony Daniel:

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Which one do you prefer?