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Exclusive Preview: Superior Iron Man #3

Tony Stark has given Matt Murdock his sight back. What will the cost be?

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(W) Tom Taylor (A) Yildiray Cinar (CA) Mike Choi


• After the life-changing events of issue #2, MATT MURDOCK is faced with an impossible choice.

• Will DAREDEVIL rebel or will he buy into TONY STARK’S vision?

• Can nothing stop the SUPERIOR IRON MAN’S non-stop party? You’ll be surprised at who wants to crash it!

On Sale: 12/24/14 SRP: $3.99

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Avatar image for madeinbangladesh
Posted By MadeinBangladesh

Favorite MArvel series since Superior Foes is over. ANd I don't even like Iron Man that much.

Avatar image for daredevil21134
Posted By daredevil21134

The best Iron Man series since Director of Shield.

Avatar image for transformers1024
Posted By Transformers1024

I'm impressed how good this series is.

Avatar image for BuNKiTZ
Posted By BuNKiTZ

I don't read this book, but man, Matt looks really young here.

Avatar image for _darkwing_
Posted By _Darkwing_

I might have to give this a shot.

Avatar image for medulaoblaganda
Posted By medulaoblaganda

matt looks like a small boy here. lol

Avatar image for cresshadow
Edited By cresShadow

@bunkitz: everyone is a tad younger in comics it seems

Avatar image for themightymodok
Posted By theMightyMODOK

This is the best iron man book since Fractions run. It is also on eof the coolest marvel titles aorund right now.

Avatar image for cloakx14
Posted By Cloakx14

i'm gonna have to check this out.

Avatar image for chaos911
Edited By chaos911

Not a big Iron Man fan, but I love this series

Avatar image for citizenjp
Posted By CitizenJP

Man, this is some crazy stuff. I'm like kind of on the fence about Tony Stark now... :/

Avatar image for comicstooge
Edited By ComicStooge

He's such a bastard. It's wonderful.

Avatar image for cave_duck
Posted By Cave_Duck

That's a pretty nasty move having the constant updates for "the gift of sight". I wonder how it'll affect Daredevils radar vision (you know what I mean).

Avatar image for wilhelm_dolle
Edited By Wilhelm_Dolle
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Avatar image for wardishy_
Posted By WarDishy_
Avatar image for matthewparker
Posted By MatthewParker

Is this Matt's first time seeing his adult self?

Avatar image for awesomeperson
Posted By AwesomePerson

I actually like this...

Avatar image for wardishy_
Posted By WarDishy_

You know I had a vague idea for a Daredevil story where he regained his sight a while ago. It didn't go anywhere though. This is x99999999 better.

Avatar image for mje360
Posted By mje360

This Iron Man is superior!

Avatar image for sinikettu
Posted By sinikettu

Its certainly going places such as how much we are willing to pay for our "shiny happy future" or how far you're willing to go to achieve your deepest wants?

Avatar image for grenadeflow
Posted By GrenadeFlow

The best Iron Man series since Director of Shield.

Best Daredevil in a minute too

Avatar image for w0nd
Posted By w0nd

Sounds like the Dr midnight situation in they kingdom come with DC, magog or gog whatever the giants one name is, gave heroes what they most desired. Dr mdnight got his sight back but his powers were based on him being blind, so he ended up useless

Avatar image for daredevil21134
Posted By daredevil21134
Avatar image for parachomp
Edited By ParaChomp

No...just this one preview is enough to make me NEED to read this...

Matt, no, I think. Then again if Ikari is anything to go by, this could be good but then Daredevil loses his shtick. That's why I want to read this so badly, it's a drastic change that came out of nowhere but doesn't feel abrupt (like how many are). Now to continue screaming internally...

Avatar image for rainja
Posted By Rainja

@mightymodok: Faction's run wasnt to my taste. Actually anything he does dosent sit well with me. Everything i have read from him revolves around an emotional character with rarely any action. Not saying i dont like that here and there but not the entire writers run. I wanna see action as well.

Avatar image for rescuemisspotts
Posted By RescueMissPotts

@bunkitz: Thats just the extremis as well

Avatar image for tylerdurden7272
Posted By TylerDurden7272

The best Iron Man series since Director of Shield.

You know what? This may be the series that brings DD back to noir. What do you think?

Avatar image for daredevil21134
Edited By daredevil21134
Avatar image for deactivated-5c6600594117e
Posted By deactivated-5c6600594117e

Will DAREDEVIL rebel or will he buy into TONY STARK’S vision?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAAHAHHAA.......even the teasers are awesome.

Avatar image for deactivated-097092725
Posted By deactivated-097092725

I just...hate him. Like, really hate this character, haha. I am so hooked. That comment about his face being the first thing Matt sees is terrific.

Daredevil does look really young here, almost Peter Parkerish, and no, he won't be buying into Tony's offer. High level of cruelty, though.

Avatar image for holyserpent
Posted By HolySerpent

Great series

Avatar image for j_hickmanisgod
Posted By J_HickmanIsGod

im not a huge Iron Man fan but i am intrigued about how Tom Taylor is doing this character

and with everyone here saying its worth the read i'll definitely have to check it out, i hope my LCS has some leftover stock on Issue 1.

Avatar image for captainmarvel4ever
Posted By CaptainMarvel4Ever

Awesome, the one Avengers Now comic I actually really like.

Avatar image for capelibra
Posted By capelibra

Great series! I recently read an interview with Tom Brevoort where he states that Marvel was pretty much blindsided by fans reactions to what was done to Iron Man (characterization-wise) coming out of Civil War. They've never been able to quite get him back on the side of the angels in the eyes of readers, so Axis has presented them the opportunity to roll with the hand they dealt themselves. I think for the most part it's paying off.