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Exclusive Preview: RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #18

Did Joker get the last laugh in the previous issue? Find out the fate of Jason Todd.

Jason Todd has had it tough. In the New 52 Universe and before, he had a pretty cruddy life. Getting killed by the Joker didn't make things any easier. He did manage to come back to life but after the events of Death of the Family, we find out things are getting much worse.

In a last bit of revenge, Joker pulled a final prank on Jason. Now we'll get to see the results in the next issue. DC Comics has given us an exclusive preview for issue 18. Find out what Scott Lobdell has planned in his final issue.

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• Jason Todd suffered terribly at the hands of The Joker in “DEATH OF THE FAMILY,” and now he’s changing the Outlaws’ mission!
• Something is bound to break with all that’s happened…will it be Jason’s soul?

Written by: Scott Lobdell

Art by: Tyler Kirkham

Cover by: Mico Suayan

Color/B&W: Color

Page Count: 32

U.S. Price: 2.99

On Sale Date: Mar 20 2013

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