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Exclusive Preview: MOON KNIGHT #11

The end is fast approaching. Will the Avengers be able to save Moon Knight?

Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev have been killing it on the recent MOON KNIGHT series. Actually if you have been reading it, you know they literally are killing things...and characters. It was recently announced that this volume of Moon Knight's adventures will be ending with issue #12. With the downward spiral Moon Knight's been going through, could this also mean the end of Moon Knight himself? He is facing some big time threats and with an Ultron head floating about (not literally), it's clear that things are going to get even worse.

MOON KNIGHT #11 is on sale next week. Check out the exclusive preview courtesy of Marvel.

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Moon Knight has fallen into the Abyss of his multiple personalities! What force on Earth can bring him back from the brink? Enter: the Avengers!

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Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art and Cover by Alex Maleev

On sale 3/28/11