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Exclusive Preview: BETTY AND VERONICA #260

Archie has been spending a lot of time "working" with Betty lately. Looks like it's time for Veronica to cook up a new scheme.

Every time I see a preview for an Archie comic, it's almost like taking a trip back in time. The characters and art all seem timeless yet if you look carefully, you can see from the content that that isn't the case. The stories often incorporate modern elements and continue to remain fresh.

In the latest issue of BETTY AND VERONICA (on sale next wee), it looks like the competition is still going. Check out our exclusive preview courtesy of Archie Comics.

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Betty and Veronica in “…The Saga Continues!” – Veronica is desperate to spend time with Archie this summer but his nights are filled with performing as a vampire at Mr. Lodge’s theme park with none other than Betty. Veronica has had enough of his neglect though and goes about scheming a way to snag Archie away from her best friend which may include a yacht, a party, and a movie star!

Betty and Veronica in “The Big Cleanup” – The gang have all gathered at Veronica’s beach house for a summer of fun in the sun! It’s not all rest and relaxation though as Betty and her Green Girls go to work cleaning up the polluted beach. They could use some help from the boys, so Betty does what she must to entice attention-hungry Veronica to lend a hand – call the media!

Betty in “Wash & Warry” – When Mrs. Cooper’s SUV is in need of a serious washing Betty volunteers to help out. But how will anything get cleaned when Archie and Reggie stop by and a water fight ensues?

Betty in “Lucky Horseshoe!” – Clem the “horseshoe king” gets challenged at his own game by Betty, who’s not too bad herself! Will Betty come out on top and be crowned the “horseshoe queen”?

Script: George Gladir, Mike Pellowski

Art: Stan Goldberg, Pat Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, Jeff Shultz, Mark McKenna, Bob Bolling, Bob Smith

Cover: Dan Parent

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 6/20

32-page, full color comic

$2.99 US.

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