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Exclusive: New 'Planet Tad' Feature in MAD #522

If you're a fan of Planet Tad, you won't want to miss the next issue of MAD.

MAD Magazine continues to do what it's been doing for many years - entertain while poking fun at today's current events. One feature that recently came from the magazine is PLANET TAD, which is basically mini-daily blogs from Tad, a twelve-year-old kid. Planet Tad even branched off into an actual novel last year.

Here is an exclusive look at the latest PLANET TAD "set" of blogs that will appear in MAD #522.

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The writer is Tim Carvell and the artist is Brian Durniak.

If you're not familiar with PLANET TAD, here's a video that explains:

MAD #522 is on sale July 24. And if you want the convenience of having MAD delivered to your doorstep, you could always subscribe by clicking HERE.