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Exclusive: New Creative Team for EARTH 2

Find out who's coming and who's staying as the series heads into World's End.

DC's been making a lot of announcements the last couple weeks. We've seen new series as well as new creative teams. People sometimes fear change but it doesn't always mean bad things.

Things have been heating up in EARTH 2. Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott have been doing big and crazy things in the series. This coming October, there will be some changes in creative team. Hold onto your hats for this. Here's the solicit info and cover for EARTH 2 #27.

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EARTH 2 #27




World’s End is here! Everything the Wonders of Earth 2 have fought for stands to be destroyed. Be here as their powers are tested and hard choices are made!

On sale OCTOBER 8 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Here's what Tom Taylor had to say about the change:


"I've just spent the weekend with my good friend, Nicola Scott, and her husband, at a convention in Melbourne, Australia, and we've had some fun late nights to reflect on a great run that we've both enjoyed so much.

The overwhelmingly positive reaction to Earth 2 #25 is something that neither one of us can really remember on any single issue of comics we've been involved in before. We seriously couldn't be happier to tell this story, and to bring it to a natural, climactic, end with #26. It feels like our run, together, is ending on a real high.

It's hard to describe just how great an opportunity it is to create characters like Aquawoman, and especially our new Superman, Val-Zod, and to have these characters welcomed and embraced by comic readers everywhere. Getting to do this with my friend, Nicola Scott, with the great support of our editor, Mike Cotton, has been a dream.

I want to say a huge thank you to Nicola for everything she's brought to Earth 2 and for everything she leaves behind. Nic has spent years helping to shape an entire world and its heroes. It's now time for her to go play on other worlds and create all new icons (although she plans on spending an entire Tuesday on a couch first).

As World's End begins, I'm rapt to be working closely on the monthly book with another friend and great talent, Marguerite Bennett. And everything I've seen of Andy Smith's work tells me that Nicola is leaving our world in great hands."

We also had the chance to ask Andy some questions about taking over the art duties.

COMIC VINE: There's been a lot of destruction in this series. Are you doing anything to prep for what Tom and Marguerite might throw at you?

ANDY SMITH: First I'd like to say that I have some big shoes to fill in regards to Nicola's work on the book. She has done a magnificent job of visually creating and designing Earth 2. She has laid down a very solid foundation with the characters and settings that I hope to build upon. In terms of preparation for my tenure on the book I think with having already poured over what has been done previously in the book I'm good to go. Once I have the scripts in hand I'll treat it like any other book where I'll read over them a few times making notes along the way and collecting whatever reference I might need so I can bring as much visual credibility to the story as possible.

CV: What are you looking forward to on this title?

AS: I really like how the book is using the iconic DC Heroes but they all have a different spin and visual to them. There's just enough where you can look at the characters and know instantly who they are while still having a unique visual that sets them apart from the main DC universe. I really like the designs of the characters and am looking forward to putting my take on them.

CV: Any plans on making any tweaks to character designs? (Assuming people survive Worlds End).

AS: When it comes to tweaking an existing design of a character there is always going to be a small amount because my art style is different from what was in the book previously. Any other changes to a characters look is something that I would only do if the story or editorial called for it. I'd rather not change anything unless there is a specific reason to behind it.

CV: Will we see any new characters debuting?

AS: If I answered that I could be giving something away and no way am I going to do that. However as an artist I would love to see brand new characters or new takes on existing DC Heroes that have yet to make their Earth 2 debut.

Hmm...sounds like we some stuff to look forward to. EARTH 2 #27 is on sale October 8.