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Exclusive: Nathan Edmondson Takes BLACK WIDOW and PUNISHER into their Final Days

The end is near for the entire Marvel Universe. What will these two do in their respective titles?

Secret Wars is coming. We know that's going to bring about the destruction of the Marvel Universe. Before that happens, we'll see the Last Days of the heroes. What will they do when they discover it's their last days on Earth?

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With Nathan Edmondson writing both BLACK WIDOW and PUNISHER, he has the task of looking at these two will be doing. Marvel has given us an exclusive first look at the solicits for the issues:



Art & Cover by PHIL NOTO


· At the end of all things, Black Widow finds herself unexpectedly connected to one of the darkest moments of her past.

· See how the first lines of red in her ledger were written.

· Will Natasha fall into darkness or rage against the dying of the light?



Art & Cover by MITCH GERADS


  • · One of the Punisher’s allies falls. Someone’s picked the wrong fight.
  • · The Punisher steps back into a War Zone.
  • · Frank Castle is out for punishment, but the clock is ticking…

We had the chance ask Nathan some questions about these two in their Last Days. (

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COMIC VINE: What’s been your favorite thing about writing BLACK WIDOW?

NATHAN EDMONDSON: Working with Phil and Ellie and Jake.

CV: She’s been on a personal mission throughout your series. Will the idea of the “Last Days” approaching move up her time table to accomplish what she’s set out to do?

NE: It will certainly challenge her sense of direction and purpose, but beyond that I can’t say right now. In the LAST DAYS arcs, we have the opportunity to truly dig deep into Natasha’s past and psyche — and we will.

CV: Will there be any revelations as she sets out to tie up any loose ends?

NE: Most definitely.

CV: Did you have this storyline in mind when you first started?

NE: Yes, we’ve had our journey planned out to this issue since we began.

CV: Did you feel any pressure in coming up with the “first lines of red” in her ledger?

NE: I’ve never felt any pressure on this series, for better or for worse. It’s felt so natural working together with the team that we simply go where we’re inspired to go.

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CV: It seems Punisher would either carry on business as usually or go all out and try to clean up as much evil as he could when finding out the “Last Days” are approaching. Any hints what we can expect?

NE: Isn’t cleaning up as much evil as possible “business as usual” for Frank? Hint hint.

Hint: it won’t be business as usual. It will be war.

CV: Are you approaching Frank’s story (and Natasha’s) as if it truly were their last days?

NE: Yes and no. These aren’t “how do we suddenly fit these characters into the big wide world” issues. We remain faithful to the personal nature of the stories, while acknowledging that there is an end in sight, that a clock is ticking.

CV: Would Punisher care if the world was ending since he’s so focused on his own mission?

NE: He wouldn’t really, but when I say a clock is ticking, it’s not necessarily the world’s clock. Punisher cares about some things more than he cares about the end of the world. Someone who wakes up every morning expecting to die that day doesn’t think a whole lot about the end of all things.

CV:Does Punisher keep a list of top targets he’d want to deal with before everything ended or has he already gone after them?

NE: The list is pretty short, but it isn’t a list that he’s kept. Punisher has a code of honor and we will see that embraced in a harsh and bloody way.

CV: Do you still have more Punisher and Black Widow stories in you?

NE: I’ve got ALL KINDS of stories in me.

LAST DAYS begins in May. What would you do during your last days?