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Exclusive: Ms America Faces Doom on Shattered Marvel NOW! Teaser

[UPDATE] Marvel's latest batch of teasers features characters paired in an unlikely combination.

Marvel is bringing back the Marvel NOW! brand. Through a series of teasers, several characters have been featured with another in a seemingly odd pairing.

Marvel has given us the exclusive first look at the latest teaser featuring Ms. America and Victor Von Doom. The art is by Mike Deodato Jr.

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What's interesting is the previous teaser simply had "Divided..." and this one added "we." Here's a look at the previous teasers:

We've had Captain America (Steve Rogers) with the new Inhuman Mosaic, Captain Marvel with Slapstick, Ms. Marvel and Riri Williams, and Black Panther with Prowler.

No other information has been released thus far. What are your thoughts on the meaning behind these teasers?


Here's a new one with Thor and Miles. What's going on here?!?

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Click HERE to open in a new tab for a high-res look.

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What does this mean?