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Exclusive: MAD Magazine and Sergio Aragones Look at Cosplay

MAD #534 is on sale June 16.

If you've ever been to a comic convention, you know Cosplay is a big part. We love the Cosplayers because they are so creative and dedicated with what they do. On June 16, MAD #534 goes on sale on newstands and will include a look at Cosplay in a way only they can.

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Fan favorite Minions Stuart, Kevin, Bob and… Alfred E. Neuman grace the cover, which comes with fascinating spoofs on The Avengers: Age of Ultron, “Ray Donovan” and people who Cosplay.

The "MAD Look at Cosplay" is by Sergio Aragones. MAD has given us the exclusive first look at the feature.

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Even though there isn't any text, if that's too small for your browser, you can check out the full size by clicking the image or clicking HERE.

MAD #534 is on sale June 16. You can sign up for a subscription to MAD here: