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Exclusive Look: 'Transformers Prime' Episode 219 "The Human Factor"

Silas was recently injured while . Get your first look at what his fate will be.

Transformers Prime is in its second season on The Hub and we have an exclusive first look at Episode 219, "The Human Factor."

If you've been watching the show, you know that Silas, the human leader of MECH obsessed with Cybertronian biology and using their technology. Now I haven't seen the last few episodes but I recall he was seriously injured during a fight between Nemesis Prime and Optimus. This episode shows us what's next for him.

Behold General Silas!
Behold General Silas!

This is what the official synopsis says:

Silas is given a bizarre new lease on life, and approaches Megatron with a plan to join the Decepticon ranks.

Because of the internal damage to his organs, Silas had to transform his human body. This changes the direction for his character.

Check out these other shots of Silas with Megatron and Soundwave activating a satellite.

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What are your thoughts on the show? "The Human Factor" airs Friday, September 14, at 7 p.m. ET on The Hub.