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EXCLUSIVE: 'Justice League International' #2 4-Page Preview

Does Booster Gold prove to be a good leader, or will he fail his first mission?

Generally when superhero teams are formed its because the members want it to happen, not because they are deceived into joining. Unless of course it's the Justice League International; in which case, the latter is exactly what happened. Led by Booster Gold, Justice League International is a multi-racial superhero team recruited and controlled by the United Nations -- meaning this superhero team, unlike the Justice League, is one of the first to be operated and organized by a an intergovernmental organization (IGO). So, while Booster may be leading a team, he still has to answer to a higher power. Talk about pressure!

The first issue not only introduced us to all the team's characters, it also gave readers a glimpse at their interactions with one another and how they will get along (or won't) as a team. Additionally, while Booster may be brave enough to slap his mug onto anything that will make him money (except of course male diapers), that doesn't mean he's completely comfortable leading a new team. In the upcoming issue of Justice League International #2 readers will witness first hand just how reluctant Booster really is, as he second guesses himself when the U.N. sends him and his teammates on their first mission. What will happen? What will the pressures be like for Booster and Co.? Will they succeed?

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DC Comics has given Comic Vine an exclusive first look at the second issue which is set to hit stands on October 5th, 2011. Find what it means for Booster to be on a team and judge for yourself whether he's got his priorities straight! Check out the full 4-page preview below and let us know if you plan on picking up issue #2 of Justice League International on October 5th?

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Written by DAN JURGENS



The United Nations' new international team of heroes must learn to work together – and fast – if they're going to discover the mystery behind the giant alien Signalmen who are appearing all over the globe. Can Booster Gold lead his team to victory, or will they fall?

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