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Exclusive: Joshua Corin Talks Death and DEADPOOL: TOO SOON?

Someone's killing Marvel's funniest characters and it's up to Deadpool to stop it.

Deadpool is headed your way in a new series, but this time it's serious business. At least it'll be as serious as a Deadpool story can get. Someone's getting killed. It turns out in this Deadpool series, Marvel's funniest characters are being targeted for death. At least that's how Deadpool's sees it. It turns out, according to the solicit for the first issue, Forbush Man is getting murdered! Noooooooo!

Deadpool wants to prevent the other "funny" characters like Squirrel Girl, Howard the Duck, Rocket Raccoon, the Punisher, and others getting killed. The series will be written by novelist Joshua Corrin with art by Todd Nauck.

Cover by Pepe Larraz
Cover by Pepe Larraz

Comic Vine: This is your first jump into writing comics after several novels. Did you choose Deadpool or was he offered to you?

Joshua Corin: You do not choose Deadpool. Deadpool chooses you. And then gives you a wedgie.

We've seen some slightly different versions or level of humor to Deadpool over the years, how are you approaching him? (Besides very cautiously since he usually carries guns and knives).

Most humor is born of pain, and Deadpool excels at both. My Deadpool is exactly 33% Moe Howard, 33% Mel Brooks, and 33% Chipotle.

What can you tell us about the story?

Imagine if Deadpool starred in his own version of the movie Clue. He blackmails a crazy amount of guest stars to drive out, one dark and stormy night to a secluded mansion whereupon…

Can we expect a crazy amount of guest stars?

Now you’re just playing with me.

OK, OK, I’ll reveal some of them: Squirrel Girl, Spider-Ham, Ant-Man, Howard the Duck, Rocket, Groot

Since there's a lot of "funny" characters in the story, have you been beefing up your funny game?

Oh, totally. I’ve been marathoning C-SPAN for months. Best stand-up comedy in America!

Has Marvel given you any restrictions on what you can have Deadpool do or discover?

I am restriction-less. I also currently am pants-less, but that is just so I can avoid another wedgie from Wade. #wedgiefromwade

We love Todd Nauck at Comic Vine. Have you seen any of his pencils for this yet?

In all seriousness, Todd Nauck is one of my favorite pencilers, so to have him translate my bibble-babble into all this amazing art… I couldn’t ask for a better collaborator.

Any big and crazy moments you can tease?

Let’s just say that in Issue #2, there is an homage to David Cronenberg’s The Fly… except instead of a fly, Deadpool ends up getting his DNA mixed with, um, something else.

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Deadpool: Too Soon? hits comic stores this October, but you can check it out as an Infinite Comic beginning July 6!