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Exclusive: James Robinson Talks ALL-NEW INVADERS, Original Sin, and New Characters

Find out what's coming up with the Invaders during and after Original Sin.

Yesterday we saw a teaser for Original Sin involving ALL-NEW INVADERS. With these teasers, the big questions are who is involved in the big revelation and what will it deal with.

With the Invaders, we have several characters it could involve. We could be patient and wait until June to find out. Or we could talk to James Robinson to get some answers about the Invaders' Original Sin as well as what we can expect in the coming months.

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COMIC VINE: Will the story with the Kree and the “Gods Whisper” conclude before Original Sin begins?

JAMES ROBINSON: Yes it will. Although, as you’ll see in issue #5, the final page shows that there’s a much bigger story that’s going to unfold, involving the Kree and the Eternals. There’s also a huge figure in the Marvel Universe that will play out down the line, in both ALL-NEW INVADERS and FANTASTIC FOUR.

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CV: Any hints on who has the big secret that will be revealed?

JR: The Original Sin will involve the granddaughter of a 1940s Invader/Kid Commando named Golden Girl. This new character that I’m introducing has become one of the primary heroes of Japan. Her Japanese name is Supreme Radiant Friend. But she’s known to America and to S.H.I.E.L.D. as just Radiance (designed by manga artist Retsu Tateo of Full Metal Panic fame).

Without giving too much away, the history of her grandmother and of Japan will play heavily into the Original Sin committed by all of the Invaders, including Jim Hammond and Namor.

As an extra hint, I will say that if people know the history of Captain America, he’s the one person it won’t include because at this point in the past, Steve Rogers and Bucky were both assumed to be dead. If people know the history of the past, they’ll be able to put a time element to the Sin it involves.

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CV: Will the revelation affect the team dynamic in any way?

JR: To some degree, it will affect it. It will also put the team much more front and center in the Marvel Universe. With issue #6, Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch, will be an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

CV: Will the Invaders be a team the public is aware of?

JR: No, not really. They’re sort of an irregular group that comes together because of situations that present themselves. It isn’t like they have a battle cry. That aspect of the Invaders will never be something that we experience.


CV: Going along with this, how often will the team meet or operate? When the situation comes up?

JR: Yes, when the situation comes up. But rest assured, I have a lot of ideas for situations that will come up. Some will be on Earth and some will have a much more cosmic build.

CV: What can you tell us about any new members?

JR: There will be a new member in issues 6 and 7. I will introduce the second new member in issues 8 through 10.


CV: Is Bucky’s status going to be dealt with? There's the fact that people think he’s dead and they’re operating together.

JR: As things unfold in the Marvel Universe, yes, Bucky’s status will be dealt with, but not in issues 6 and 7.


ALL-NEW INVADERS #6, the Original Sin issue, is on sale in June. The next issue, issue #4, is on sale April 23, 2014.