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Exclusive: James Asmus Talks QUANTUM & WOODY, Villains and Goats

The 'Summer of Valiant' returns and James Asmus is ready to unleash world's worst superhero team upon the Valiant Universe.

Back in March, Valiant announced the return of Quantum & Woody. At WonderCon, we interviewed writer James Asmus about the series, which will be drawn by the amazing Tom Fowler. The first issue goes on sale July 10 and Valiant is bringing back their 'Summer of Valiant' initiative. That means they will have one big announcement each day. We are exclusively premiering the first one, featuring QUANTUM & WOODY.

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We took this opportunity to ask James a few question to find out more about the duo, what threats they'll go up against and, of course, the goat.

Comic Vine: How would you describe the QUANTUM AND WOODY series?

James Asmus: The short version? It's like a buddy cop movie - but with super powers.

The longer answer is that it's a dynamo built to generate surprise, intrigue, laughs, and maybe even a misty eye every once in a while. All of those things were there in Christopher Priest and MD Bright's original. We're updating the vibe a bit, streamlining some stuff and amping up others. Then, we set these really fantastic characters out into the Valiant Universe to cause trouble. And it's all illustrated by one of the best one-two punch art teams I've had the pleasure to collaborate with - Tom Fowler & Jordie Bellaire!

CV: What's the tone of the book going to be?

JA: It's a punchy, character-centric action comedy. The real heart of the story is the relationship between the guys - brothers from other mothers - who always manage to rub each other the wrong way, but now literally can't survive without each other. There was a surprising heart to the original, especially in Eric (Quantum) and Woody's relationship. It was complicated, and it felt real - while also being incredibly fertile ground for delightful chaos.

Everything - the story, the humor, the action - it all comes from the characters, not just some idea for spectacle or a fight scene. But it's also a hell of a lot of fun.

CV: What sort of trouble are they going to get into?

JA: All of it. I managed to work my favorites - public nudity and exploding authority figures - into the first few issues.

CV: What can you tell us about the adversaries Quantum and Woody will be going up against?

JA: They're new creations - and as twisted, flawed, and fun to write as our heroes are. They're inspired by a real bit of history, and if Valiant didn't want to go with the idea - I would have built a whole other story around them on my own! I can't say much more - the way we reveal more bits about them as we go are some of my favorite surprises we have for you...

CV: What's the motivation for the guys? Are they going to seek out trouble? Looking for vengeance? Or looking to have fun now that they have superpowers?

JA: All of this is kicked off by the mysterious death of their father. Eric and Woody actually haven't spoken in years - but this brings them back together. Pretty soon - they're trying to "solve" their father's death, despite being completely unqualified to do so. From there, things only get out of hand fast and there's no turning back.

CV: And just where does the goat fit into all of this?

JA: The goat was a sort of accidental mascot of the original series. But like all the new Valiant Universe stuff so far, you don't have to have read the older stuff to jump on board. He's definitely a big part of ours, but his proper introduction happens a little later in the first arc. But when we reveal the Goat's secret origin (soon after this first arc) - you'll realize just what a huge character he is for the series. (Teasers!)

Look for QUANTUM & WOODY in stores on July 10. Be sure to let your comic shop know you want them to order the series. And in case you missed it last week, Valiant will also release a QR Voice Variant:

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Written by JAMES ASMUS


Cover by RYAN SOOK (MAY131302)

Pullbox Exclusive Variant by MARCOS MARTIN (MAY131303)

Variant Cover by ANDREW ROBINSON (MAY131304)QR

Voice Variant by TOM FOWLER (MAY131305)

$3.99/T+/32 pgs.

ON SALE 7/10/13 (FOC - 6/17/13)

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