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Exclusive: Images From TEEN TITANS #7 Reveal Future Plans

Check out what these 'leaked' pages reveal about the next issue.

Someone dropped these pages into our email box this morning and we couldn't believe our luck! Sure, they look like the work of TEEN TITANS artists Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund and Andrew Dalhouse... but could these be the actual unlettered pages from TEEN TITANS #7?!

We went to long time Comic Vine fan (and occasional contributor) Scott Lobdell for confirmation. And, okay, maybe a few hints about what it is we're looking at.

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Comic Vine: Scott, are these pages authentic?

Scott Lobell: I'm not sure if I should say this or not on the record, but -- yes, those are pages from TEEN TITANS #7! I can tell you one thing, though, that as amazing as these pages are...the rest of the pages that make up this story are even more exciting! Honestly, Brett and the guys have pulled out all the stops to make Teen Titans one of the most gorgeous and energetic books on the market today!

== TEASER ==

CV: We know from the solicits that the Teen Titans go head to head with N.O.W.H.E.R.E. in order to rescue Superboy. Is that why Bunker and Skitter seem to be leaping into a nest of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. soldiers?

SL: Exactly! And I couldn't be more proud of the two of them! They may be be new to the whole super hero thing, but in their own way they are both committed to the Teen Titans, suicide mission notwithstanding. (I have to say this for Bunker, though, despite the odds against him he still hasn't lost that smile! Judging from Skitter, Miguel's enthusiasm must be infectious.)

CV: Kid Flash and Red Robin on a New York Bridge after hours, apparently testing Bart's powers after his near death experience last issue. Got all that. But what is he holding in his hands in that panel?

SL: Well, I don't want to give away anything important, but -- as near as I can recall the plaque says something about the tired and the poor.

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CV: So nearly destroying Times Square and Central Park, and cutting a battleship in half wasn't enough, Kid Flash is now vandalizing national parks?

SL: Kids!

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CV: On the next two pages we see Red Robin in all his leadership goodness, trying to make a sale to the Teen Titans to go save Superboy?

SL: You're good! You should be an editor! Or at least an inspector for Scotland Yard!

CV: You're changing the subject.

SL: I will just say that, yeah, Tim's pitch doesn't go over very well. You have to remember, the first time they met Superboy he beat them pretty severely and left them for dead. While Tim is willing to forgive in order to accomplish the greater good of taking down N.O.W.H.E.R.E. with Superboy's much needed help -- the rest of the team isn't convinced its necessary.

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CV: While we have you here, can you confirm whether or not Static Shock is going to be joining the team?

SL: Well, I know it was announced at the Florida Con, but to be honest it was the first I had heard about it. But although the membership is already high on the team, nothing would make me happier than Virgil joining the Teen Titans!

CV: And Raven? A few months ago you mentioned she'd be in the books right about now. Can we assume the crossover has delayed her arrival?

SL: Something delayed her, but it wasn't the crossover! It turns out DC has much bigger plans in store for the character and when you hear what they are you'll understand why she's too big for our little book!

CV: I guess we could spend the rest of the day asking about once and former Teen Titans?

SL: Yes, but lets talk about my burning envy of Howard Mackie! He gets to use Fairchild, Terra and Beast all on the same team, THE RAVAGERS -- with Rose Wilson in hot pursuit! No fair! No fair, I say!

CV: Anything else you want to add?

SL: Just that I want to apologize to all the ComicViners I disappointed by not answering my last round of "Scott Lobdell Wants Your Questions -- the Holiday Edition"! I had the best of intentions, but I've been so overwhelmed with work lately -- if Editorial knew I was running around giving interviews all over town instead of writing... oh, the trouble I'd be in!

CV: Well we certainly don't want that. But we are looking forward to getting those questions asked someday! Until then, thanks for clearing up the mystery about these Teen Titan pages.

SL: You're more than welcome! And keep in mind, Brett and the rest of the art team has skipped ahead past issues 8 and 9 to work on the Annual! So if you're as blown away as am by these pages.... you're going to pass out when you see the first chapter of the Culling crossover!