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EXCLUSIVE: Identity of EARTH 2's 'Last Amazon' Revealed

James Robinson discusses who the mysterious figure on the cover of EARTH 2 #8 is.

A week ago DC revealed the penciled cover to EARTH 2 issue 8 by artist Yildiray Cinar. Aside from the fact that the image is absolutely stunning, the picture also left us curious as to the identity of the woman in the picture. In fact, many of you debated over the character's identity. Could it be Donna Troy? Is it a new female character? Earlier today we caught up with writer James Robinson on our weekly Comic Vine podcast where he revealed the identity of the mysterious character and yes, you have definitely seen her before.

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The Last Amazon is Fury, and you will see how her name relates to her Amazon heritage as well as her relationship with Steppenwolf. - James Robinson

Interesting! That still doesn't explain what her relationship to the Amazon's is. Did she know Wonder Woman? Did she know Donna? Does Donna even exist? This is definitely an answer that leaves us with a lot of questions. What do you think of the big reveal?