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Exclusive First Look: Overwatch #6 - Torbjörn

Get ready for the next issue right before the game's release.

The latest Overwatch comic is out next week, just as the game is ready to launch. The comic is distributed through Madefire and Dark Horse. Madefire's comic book reader is on Apple TV, Apple App Store, Windows 10, Android TV and Google Play, and both services have the first three comics. The comics, after being posted on for a week, will be pushed to Madefire and Dark Horse.

Overwatch #6 - Torbjörn

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Title: Destroyer

A giant mech is terrorizing a small foreign country, leveling skyscrapers and taking innocent lives. Only one man possesses the know-how and skill to go toe-to-toe with the colossal destroyer: Torbjörn Lindholm.

Written by: Micky Neilson

Art by: Gray Shuko

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You can find more comics at Blizzard’s comic site, which will host the Pharah comic for the first week: You can also check out the previous three comics: “McCree: Train Hopper,” “Reinhardt: Dragon Slayer” and “Junkrat & Roadhog: Going Legit.”

Blizzard has also released their third animated short.

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