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Exclusive First Look: IRON FIST THE LIVING WEAPON #3

Who is the villain behind the attack against K'un Lun?

There's a new issue of IRON FIST: THE LIVING WEAPON coming out this week. We really dug the first issue and how it took Danny down a different path. There was plenty of insane over-the-top action and a lot of ninjas as well.

We'll have writer/artist Kaare Andrews on next week's Invincibly Super Massive Comic Book Podcast of Stuff. So if you have any questions for him about the series, feel free to ask away in the comments below. You can wait until you read issue #2 but we'll be recording early Thursday morning.

And for now, here's an exclusive first look at IRON FIST: THE LIVING WEAPON #3.

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variant cover by Jerome Opeña


• Ninja nurses versus killers in suits!

• Our villain’s face revealed, and it’s one terribly close to Danny Rand’s heart!

32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

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