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Exclusive First Look: HIGHER EARTH #6

Infinite Earths means infinite possibilities, right? Here's a glimpse at the sixth issue of Sam Humphries comic.

The first issue of HIGHER EARTH by Sam Humphries debuted back in May from BOOM! Studios. You can check out our interview with Sam about the series here. The idea is there are an infinite number of Earths. It's clearly something we've all thought about and the topic that is explored here. As the action heats up, BOOM! has given us the exclusive first look at the covers to issue #6, which will go on sale in October. That means you still have time to track down the first few issues and get yourself caught up.

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BOOM! often gives you a choice in covers when it comes to buying issues. Here are the other covers.

== TEASER ==
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Imagine if there was an infinite number of comics.

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