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Exclusive First Look: Green Hornet Year One #9 Matt Wagner Cover

It's always great seeing Matt Wagner's art.

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Yesterday we gave you a first look at the Francesco Francavilla 1-in-10 cover and solicit info for Green Hornet Year One #9. Today let's look at the cover drawn by Matt Wagner himself.  
As you know, Matt Wagner has been busy lately writing different books. I've always been a fan of his art. He definitely has a distinct and unique style. Back in April I got to interview Wagner at WonderCon and he mentioned that he was taking a break from drawing. Starting with issue #6, Wagner is back to drawing and providing really cool art for the covers. 
Normally I'm not the biggest fan of comics that have covers and interiors drawn by different artists. I suppose you get used to it. In the case of publishers like Dynamite, you at least get a choice between some sweet covers. With this cover, it's great that we have the choice of getting a comic with a cover drawn by the actual writer. So you have that connection there.  
Which ever cover you choose, make sure you pick this series up to see what Wagner is doing with the characters. He's been doing a great job bringing new life to these "old" characters.