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Exclusive First Look: David Finch Scourge #4 Cover!

Aspen gives Comicvine an exclusive first look at David Finch's Scourge #4 Cover!

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One thing is definitely for sure, Aspen has definitely released a lot of new titles this past year, extending their line of books well beyond the Soulfire and Fathom series. One of these books is The Scourge- a series about a gargoyle infestation that raids New York City. 
The comic, written by Scott Lobdell with art from Eric Battle will see it's fourth issue released this December, 2010 with a fantastic cover by David Finch. We recently got an exclusive look at Finch's cover to the upcoming fourth issue and it is all kinds of beautiful. If you haven't read anything about The Scourge and you want to learn more about the series before you make the purchase, then be sure to read our interview with Lobdell from this past July. 
What do you think of the David Finch cover? Check it out along with the solicit and let us know! Have you been reading The Scourge? will you be picking up the issue this December? 
 == TEASER ==

Scott Lobdell – Story
Eric Battle – art
They are taking over…
From the innovative mind of acclaimed movie producer Gale Anne Hurd, and written by superstar writer and visionary Scott Lobdell, comes this summer’s biggest blockbuster new series – THE SCOURGE!
With the gargoyle-like infestation reaching further throughout the streets of New York City, Griffin is a man against time as he races to save the city from total annihilation. But, what can one man do against a virtual army of blood thirsty, highly invulnerable, fang-baring creatures?? The shocking answers are right here as THE SCOURGE hits full stride!
 Featuring the astounding artwork of series artist Eric Battle, and colors by David Curiel, THE SCOURGE #4 is set to infect the comic book community like never before!
 THE SCOURGE #4 is in stores December 2010!