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Exclusive First Look: CYCLOPS #4

Nothing like getting stranded on an alien planet for some good father/son bonding time.

CYCLOPS #3 is on sale TODAY, but we have an exclusive first look at CYCLOPS #4. There's something really cool about seeing young Cyclops spend this time with his father and it's kind of crazy to think about what he's experiencing. How would this shape who he would become when he gets older? Check out the early look at Cyclops and Corsair stranded on an alien planet.

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(W) Greg Rucka (A) Carmen Nunez, Terry Pallot (CA) Alexander Lozano

• Scott and Corsair are stranded on an alien planet with no hope of rescue

• The indigenous species are none too happy with them

• Not that they're very happy with each other, either -- what bargains will need to be struck to get either or both of then out alive?

Item Code: JUN140693 In Shops: 8/27/2014 SRP: $3.99

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Posted By The_Titan_Lord


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Posted By AwesomePerson

@kingmezidor7: Ok, even if Vulcan comes back like all Marvel characters do, does he want to reunite with his brother? The one who is refused was his brother, even though it was the older!Scott? Does Corsair want to see the son who killed him?

Where's your proof that young!Scott has met Vulcan and the professor erased his memory, before coming into the mainstream reality???

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Edited By kingmezidor7

@awesomeperson: Vulcan Is Not Dead A True Fact , But It Would Solve The Biggest Chip On "older" Scott's Shoulder Which Is The Need Of A Family Unit, "young" Scott Is The Same Innocent Teenager Before The Event In Deadly Genesis Where We Learned He Was Made To Forget His Brother Existed. He's Been Attached To The X-Men Since Day One From Their First Class To The All New To The Uncanny To X-Factor And Back To Newer X-Men To The Newest Present Day X-Men So It Clearly Shows He Will Never Be Able To Stand On His Own Until He Fixes The Turmoil Within His Own Bloodline. Havok Is The Middle Brother But He's Shown To Be The Most Competent Of The Three Summer Brother's Even After All He's Been Through. Vulcan Is The Baby Who Had To Fight His Way Into Existence, From Birth The Cards Weren't Stacked In His Favor And He Grew To Conquer And Eliminate His Greatest Demons But He Should Also Have A Second/First Chance To Build A Bond With His Brothers("young" Scott, "old" Scott, Havok) And Back From The Grave He Sent Him To Father(Corsair). It Would Be The Only Right Thing To Do Considering "young" Scott The Innocent Is Bonding So Well With Corsair Their Time Together Is Priceless And I'm Sure Its Having Effect On Correcting "older" Scott Extreme Abandonment Issue's. And Besides We Would Get The Answers To All Our Questions The Same time They Are Addressing All Lingering Issues On All Their Minds.

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Posted By AwesomePerson

@kingmezidor7: Havok, could be cool seeing the brotherly relationship....

Vulcan is dead and even if he did come back... I don't think young!Scott wants to see his "older" brother, considering he is an emperor to an alien empire...

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Edited By AwesomePerson

@gudvin: Do you know what issue of Uncanny???

Hey, you know what they say: "Don't judge a creative team by its cover!"

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I was concerned about young Scott not having the experience of Professor Xavier to guide him, but how can I not be glad he's getting to learn battling and piloting from his father? Corsair is endearing and fantastic in all his deerinheadlights glory as a man who had lost everything and became a galactic outlaw, but given a chance to get his hands on one of his sons during his formulitive years.

Great storytelling.

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Posted By darkbeam
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Posted By kingmezidor7

It would be cool if the through Vulcan and Havok in the mix !

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Posted By Gudvin

Wait scratch that, does current!Scott know his father is alive?

Yeah, I think he mentioned it few Uncanny X-Men issues ago.

I'm really bummed both Rucka and Dauterman will be leaving the title. New creative team doesn't seem so appealing, but I'm rather hopeful. Layman isn't THAT bad, y'know.

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Posted By AwesomePerson

Is older cyclops jealous?

Wait scratch that, does current!Scott know his father is alive?

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The covers for Cyclops 1-4 are some of my favorite covers EVER.

Also, loving this series so far.

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Woah, that cover.

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Posted By darkbeam

Can't wait.

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Posted By The Impersonator

I'll give it a blast.

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Posted By Master_Thief

Funny how cyclops is living cyclops's dream