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Grifter faces off against Midnighter in the Himalayas, but is Midnighter really Grifter's biggest challenge in issue #7?

Pieces of the Wildstorm universe are gradually coming together as part of the new 52, and the latest will be unfold in issue #7 of GRIFTER due to hit store shelves on March 14th. In the upcoming issue of Grifter's self-titled, ongoing series we'll see the vigilante face off against one of his former teammates: Midnighter. Fans of the Wildstorm universe should prepare themselves for the interaction of these two characters.

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Grifter knows about the Daemonites and he has let on to Midnighter that he has uncovered this secret. However, Midnighter can't trust Grifter with this secret. So what's the best way to ensure a secret is kept? To kill, obviously. However Grifter's biggest challenge in issue #7might be much bigger than keeping Midnighter at arms length. What will the bigger challenge be in this issue? Will the two realize that they each have bigger fish to fry and possibly team up? Check out the 5-page preview of GRIFTER below and let us know if you are looking forward to the upcoming issue.

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Written by: Nathan Edmondson

Pencilled by: Scott Clark

Inked by: David M. Beaty

Cover Color by: Andrew Dalhouse

Lettered by: Wes Abbott

On Sale Date: March 14, 2012

Guest-starring MIDNIGHTER! A voice is calling from the Himalayas; a dark secret awaits Grifter. He tracks it down, only to discover that the secret has a protector: Midnighter, who must not allow Grifter to leave the mountains alive. A massive battle on treacherous ice slopes shows Grifter that he's in a world of heroes he cannot defeat and opens him up to new world-changing secrets as deadly as they are powerful.