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Exclusive Cover Reveal: STORMWATCH #19 - Stormwatch is Dead!

What does that mean for the team and the next issue?

We're seeing some of the surprise reveals for DC's April issues. Earlier today they revealed the shocking cover for BATMAN #19. As we wait for more to surface, DC has given us the exclusive reveal for STORMWATCH #19.

With the front of the cover proclaiming the team is dead, what could that mean for the series? What twist is lurking on the second half of the gatefold? Look below if you do not want to wait for April 3.

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That's right. Looks like there's a new Stormwatch coming. What does this mean? We'll have to wait for April. What do you Stormwatch fans think about this?

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Posted By Onemoreposter

I for one am incredibly happy to see Midnighter and Apollo back in their original costumes. Also, ITS THE FREAKIN WEIRD!!! He is easily one of my favorite Starlin Characters. In fact, I didn't even realize Starlin was even on this book until I checked the author after seeing the Weird on the cover. I will definitely be picking this book up now. Starlin is easily one of the best cosmic-type story tellers at DC.

Avatar image for degraaf

who is the being standing over the corpses? I haven't been following but it looks like the Anti-monitor

Avatar image for v_scarlotte_rose
Posted By V_Scarlotte_Rose

I see Jim Starlins' name on this cover. He's also the man who killed Jason Todd and Mar-Vell.

Is death just his thing or whatever? :P

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Posted By Rumble Man

F* ck yeah

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Posted By kilowog52

I for one am very excited that Jim Starlin is taking over the series and making it one of his famous cosmic series because any Starlin cosmic series is top notch. I loved 'Rann/Thanagar: Holy War'. Also, I have read this series on Comixology up through issue #12, but it really was sub-par. Now that the Starlin news has broken, I have actually added the series to my pull list at my local comics store.

And actually, the Weird was resurrected in the Mystery in Space miniseries several years ago.

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Posted By kilowog52

And by the way- I recognize Apollo, Midnighter, and the Weird, and that looks like a young version of Jericho. (Who I was hoping would show up in Red Hood and the Outlaws after the ending of the recent Titans series.) The guy in the black suit with the logo and the motorcycle helmet looks familiar, but I can't place him. And does anybody have any idea who the glowing green guy and the big alien head in the top right corner are?

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Posted By lady_toyano

Thank the heavens! That old tug boat has been abandoned for a bombastic submarine! I knew there was I reason i kept faith in you.

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Posted By kidchipotle

I dropped StormWatch soon after MM left the team but I could possibly pick the book back up if I hear reviews are good over the debuting return of the new old team.....

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