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Exclusive Cover Reveal: Gail Simone's RED SONJA #2

Take a look at the covers coming out as well as what you can expect in the second issue.

When it was first announced that Gail Simone would be writing RED SONJA at Dynamite Entertainment, it seemed like a no-brainer. Simone is no stranger to tough red-headed female characters that can kick all sorts of butt.

Earlier today we ran an interview with Gail about writing the series. Because that's not enough, Dynamite gave us an exclusive look at the previously unreleased covers to issue #2 (Nicola Scott's cover was the only one seen before) as well as the solicit info.

Jenny Frison cover
Jenny Frison cover


Gail Simone (w)

Walter Geovani (a)

Jenny Frison, Nicola Scott (c)

Stephanie Buscema (Subscription Cover)

Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!


Jenny Frison black & white retailer incentive cover

Nicola Scott “blood red” retailer incentive cover

FC • 32 pages • Teen+

Placed in an unwinnable war against an implacable foe, Sonja is forced to do an inconceivable move that will cost her like no previous battle ever has! The thrilling re-imagining of the greatest female sword and sorcery hero ever created not miss this jaw-dropping issue!

Nicola Scott cover
Nicola Scott cover
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