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Exclusive Cover Reveal: EAST OF WEST #16 Texas Territory Cover

EAST OF WEST returns in December with covers for each territory in the American Apocalypse.

EAST OF WEST #15 came out in September and is set to return next month. That means if you're not caught up on the series, now is the time to do so. To celebrate the return, Image is releasing different covers to showcase all the characters in the series along with each of the following territories in the American Apocalypse. Check out our exclusive reveal for the Texas territory.

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Image Comics is pleased to announce that we are offering an exclusive set of covers celebrating the return of EAST OF WEST in December. Artist and co-creator Nick Dragotta and colorist Frank Martin Jr. have created a stunning seven-cover montage featuring nearly every series character featured to date.

"We are extremely excited with how East of West: Year Two is shaping up," said co-creator and writer Jonathan Hickman. "Sometime when Nick and I were talking about where the story was going and all the unbelievable stuff we have planned, Nick latched onto the idea of doing a big piece that kind of reflected on what we'd already done and tease some of the things coming up. And, good lord, has he produced something jaw-dropping."

Each cover represents one of the territories that make up the American Apocalypse and will be available on 12/31.

EAST OF WEST #16 Cover A (Diamond Code OCT140595)

EAST OF WEST #16 Covers B-H are connecting covers, each representing a different territory in the EAST OF WEST series:

  • EAST OF WEST #16 Cover B THE PRA (Diamond Code OCT148243)
  • EAST OF WEST #16 Cover C TEXAS (Diamond Code OCT148244)
  • EAST OF WEST #16 Cover D ENDLESS (Diamond Code OCT148245)
  • EAST OF WEST #16 Cover E KINGDOM (Diamond Code OCT148246)
  • EAST OF WEST #16 Cover F CONFEDERACY (Diamond Code OCT148247)
  • EAST OF WEST #16 Cover G UNION (Diamond Code OCT148248)
  • EAST OF WEST #16 Cover H ARMISTICE (Diamond Code OCT148249)

EAST OF WEST #16 Cover I McKelvie/Wilson (Diamond Code OCT148250)

You can check out the first cover reveal for The PRA over at Bleeding Cool right now.

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The rest of the nations should appear at the following websites at the top of each hour in the following order:

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  • CBR @ 1 p.m. = Armistice
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Here's all of them side by side.

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After you've checked them all out, let us know which territory you support.