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Exclusive Cover Reveal: ARCHIE #647

You've probably heard of Riverdale where Archie and the gang live but where is Mirrordale and why does everyone have so many piercings?

You occasionally hear people say that Archie Comics are just telling the same stories over and over again. That clearly isn't the case. And if you think you know everyone at Riverdale, wait until you see the town of...Mirrordale. Leave it to Archie to accidentally stumble across this strange but somewhat familiar world while on a date with Betty.

Check out our exclusive cover reveal for ARCHIE #647, along with the variant.

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Archie in “Welcome to Mirrordale”—a date night with Betty turns into an inter-universe collision when the Madhouse Carnival comes to Riverdale! Archie has a lot to reflect on when he takes a trip to the House of Mirrors, but little does he know those mirrors are more than they appear! He’s catapulted into a world where everything seems familiar to home—just a bit different! Can Archie make it back to his date in Riverdale, or is he doomed to switch places with his mirror-world counterpart forever? There’s only one way to find out!

Script: Steven Duvall Scott

Art: Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski, and Jack Morelli

Cover: Dan Parent

Variant Cover: Jeff Shultz, and Tito Peña

Shipping Date: 8/21

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 9/4

32-page, full color comic

$2.99 US.

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Posted By Chaos Burn

I don't get Archie comics =/

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Edited By gmanfromheck

@chaos_burn: They're on sale at comic shops and grocery stores. ;)

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Edited By w0nd
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reminds me of the MAC ad they had

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Posted By Chaos Burn

@g_man said:

@chaos_burn: They're on sale at comic shops and grocery stores. ;)

I live in the UK, comic shops are few and far between, and Archie isn't really big here, at all. More of an American thing probably.
Oh well, we had the Beano

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Posted By RazzaTazz
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Posted By Bad_People

I like Mirrordale better.

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@w0nd said:
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reminds me of the MAC ad they had

Who says you couldn't do live action Archie.

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Posted By FoxxFireArt

Not just piercings and tattoos. In that world, Archie's getting a three way.

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Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Oh my...interdimensional crossovers and Archie comics? Interesting!

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Posted By Outside_85

Am I the only one who gets a Beetle-Juice vibe from that cover?

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Posted By Darkmount1

Oh great--hipsters come to Archie comics.

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Edited By Vortex13

@darkmount1: They don't really come off as hipsters to me. I think they are supposed to be more like greasers opposed to the strait lace 50's archetype that the cast of Archy kind of embodies.

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Edited By Darkmount1

@vortex13: Funny you should say that, since there were greasers in the 50's.

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Posted By Vortex13