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Exclusive: ARCHIE Variant Covers by Tim Seeley, Jill Thompson & Phil Jimenez

Check out the upcoming Archie variant covers plus some of the recent ones by the industry's top artists.

When it comes to variant covers, some people love them and others don't like them. For those that do enjoy them, it can become a matter of wanting to collect the different covers. It's a chance to get another great piece of art and often gives a different interpretation by today's great artists.

With variant covers, people might not immediately think about Archie comics but in case you're unaware, there have been many great variant covers released. Archie Comics has given us the exclusive first look at three new ones from Tim Seeley, Jill Thompson and Phil Jimenez along with their thoughts on their approach and interpretation.

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ARCHIE #645 by Tim Seeley

Sure I like drawing monsters and superheroes and all that, but one of the greatest honors I've had was drawing the lovely ladies of Archie! Betty & Veronica are two of the most enduring and important female characters in the history of comic books.
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BETTY AND VERONICA #266 by Jill Thompson

It's an honor to be able to draw characters that I have loved since I was a little girl and follow in the footsteps of some of my favorite Archie artists, Harry Lucey, Bob Bolling, Dan DeCarlo....their art shaped my childhood and are some of the main influences on my decision to become a comic book creator!
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LIFE WITH ARCHIE #30 by Phil Jimenez

Sure, I may be better known for drawing super-heroes and transforming robots, but when an opportunity to draw the Archie gang -- especially in my own "style" -- presented itself, it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Talk about cultural icons! And talk about a universe of characters everyone knows, and if they don't, they should -- some of Archie's adventures and cast are more sophisticated and relevant to young people (and old) than half the material being printed by other publishers. I simply couldn't get over how cool Archie and his gang turned out to be, and how much fun they always are to draw!

Here's a list of past variant covers:

Archie Meets KISS 1-4

Archie #627-630

Variant Cover Artist: Francesco Francavilla

Archie #635 – Occupy Riverdale

Variant Cover Artist: Jill Thompson

Betty and Veronica #264 – Rapunzels

Variant Cover Artist: Alitha Martinez

Betty and Veronica #265 – Betty and the Beast

Variant Cover Artist: Renae De Liz

Life with Archie #23 – Afterlife with Archie

Variant Cover Artist: Franceso Francavilla

Life with Archie #24 – Josie and the Pussycats

Variant Cover Artist: Fiona Staples

Life with Archie # 26 – Super Teens

Variant Cover Artist: Jamal Igle

Life with Archie #27 – Grill of Thrones

Variant Cover Artist: Mike Norton

Life with Archie #28 – Americana

Variant Cover Artist: Ramón Pérez

Life with Archie #29

Variant Cover Artist: Jon Gray

Life with Archie #16 - Convention Exclusive Cover

Variant Cover Artist: Phil Jimenez

Here's a gallery of those covers:

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Let your comic shop know if you're interested in the variants.