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EXCLUSIVE: 5-Page Preview of MEN OF WAR #4

Sergeant Rock and his troops have endured devastating casualties, so what's next?

The thing about MEN OF WAR is that it's a title based on a lot of real situations and concepts -- you're reading stories that deal with real war heroes, and that's sometimes a refreshing change from the capes and tights we're all used to seeing from DC Comics.

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Written by Ivan Brandon and B. Clay MooreArt by Tom Derenick and Paul McCaffreyCover by Viktor KalvachevEasy Company wrestles with the betrayal of one of their own, as each man processes Kobra's secret in his own way. But the company must forge ahead, marching into unknown enemy territory – while an ancient evil lies waiting in a salty haze. Will this be the end for Rock and his men?
Plus: A team of mecha fans turned engineers have built the hardware of their dreams, but will it work out the way it always does in the movies?

Earlier today we were given an exclusive look at the fourth issue of MEN OF WAR, due to hit store shelves on Wednesday, December 7th, and it seems Sgt. Rock and his troops are in a little bit over their heads. Tensions are running high when the group becomes aware of a betrayal. How will Sgt. Rock pull himself and his men out of this one? Check out the five -page preview below. Have you been reading the series? Will you be picking up the issue next week?

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Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Looks absolutely wonderful to me!

Avatar image for royal_octopus
Posted By Royal_Octopus

Really enjoying this book so far. I really like the take of ordinary soldiers in a super-powered world. The scenes with Circe and Sgt. Rock in #2 really stuck with me. Great book.

Avatar image for chaosagentloki
Posted By ChaosAgentLoki

My younger brother has been reading this series and now this has caught my attention as well. I'll probably just have to take them from him.

Avatar image for or35ti
Posted By Or35ti

Damn, it's looking good

Avatar image for the_impersonator
Posted By The Impersonator

Wow! It's gonna be Call of Duty! :P

Avatar image for iaconpoint
Posted By iaconpoint

Looks better than the last couple of issues, after which I dropped the book. But this looks like it's back to the action so I'll at least give it a thumb through.

Avatar image for green_ankh
Posted By Green ankh

This has been one of the titles i look forward to

Avatar image for jsphsmth
Edited By jsphsmth

I love the book. Very interesting concept of normal soldiers operating in a superpowered world. Similar to Gotham Central in concept.

It is placing at the bottom of the sales charts though. I think that DC made a bad decision with the backup tale and the $3.99 pricepoint. Hard to justify the price for such a niche book.

If they ever consider cancelling it, I hope they drop the backup and lower it to $2.99.

It definitely needs word of mouth, from those of us that love it, to help keep it going.

Avatar image for mynameis7
Posted By mynameis7

just started reading this last night and i must say that it has great artwork and the story line is awesome. I have all issues thus far and can not wait for this to be in my hands on the 7th!