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EXCLUSIVE: 4-Page Preview of WORLDS' FINEST #4

In the the conclusion of the first WORLDS' FINEST story arc, Huntress and Power Girl team up against a giant monster -- but will they beat it?

The conclusion to Paul Levitz' first WORLDS' FINEST story arc is almost here, and it looks like Huntress and Power Girl may be ever so slightly over their heads on this one. With a giant monster bent on the destruction of Tokyo, the girl's are forced to ask themselves, who is behind all of this? And will they succeed in stopping them? The adventures of Huntress and Power Girl team-up continues and readers learn a bit more about the two heroine's and what they can and cannot do, (Power Girl, for example, is not immune to this monster's radiation). How will it all end? Levitz is joined by artists George Perez and Scott Koblish for issue #4 of WORLDS' FINEST. The issue will be made available this Wednesday, August 1st 2012.

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Written by: Paul Levitz

Art by: George Perez and Scott Koblish

Hakkou, the Irradiated Man – the mysterious bad guy who might have a connection to Earth 2 – has grown to monstrous proportions. It’s up to Power Girl and Huntress to stop him – from destroying Tokyo?!

Huntress learns how crime works on this Earth in the mean streets of Rome!

Plus: Learn what the heroic duo have been up to in the five years since they arrived on this Earth!

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Posted By x_29


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Posted By the_stegman

My GOD that is awful art, I just dropped this series, as much as I love Powergirl and Huntress, this series has been just mediocre.

Avatar image for doddsm92
Posted By doddsm92

I'm gonna give this until the end of this arc, here's hoping it improves.

Avatar image for thecrowbar
Posted By TheCrowbar

I think I'm going to write a polite letter to Paul Levitz and ask him why he hates Power Girl so much.

Avatar image for jake_fury
Edited By Jake Fury

this series has some of the lamest villains of all time.

DCNU why u no use GUD villains?

Avatar image for loganrogue24
Posted By LoganRogue24

i only get this series for pg.

Avatar image for thecrowbar
Posted By TheCrowbar

@LoganRogue24 said:

i only get this series for pg.

PG's in this series? I don't see her. Is it like a "Where's Waldo" Easter Egg thing?

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Posted By venomoushatred1001

@x_29 said:


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Posted By dewboy01


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Posted By ragdollpurps

I only get this series for Baby BatCat. That and it being a female-centric title.

Avatar image for beast_in_the_shadows
Posted By Beast_in_the_Shadows

They Killed Helena Bertanelli and removed all her history of ever being Huntress. This series can't make up for that in my opinion.

Avatar image for rav4
Posted By rav4

Doesn't look like it's getting any better. So glad I dropped this.

Avatar image for greenflashlight
Posted By Greenflashlight

not crazy about this series but I am now excepting PowerGirls new costume

Avatar image for artisticneedham
Posted By ArtisticNeedham

I love the art of both George Perez and Kevin Maguire. So I am getting this!

Avatar image for sparty_dbq
Posted By sparty-dbq

Why do they both look like they're 50 years old?

Avatar image for leejunfan83
Posted By leejunfan83

I love having ads on the site they remind me of comic book pages !!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for ssejllenrad
Posted By ssejllenrad

Perez is showing his age. The art is awful! Gone are the days when Perez and Byrne were on the top of the foodchain. Oh god, the art is awful!

Avatar image for miss_garrick
Posted By Miss_Garrick

Perez is king of comic art as usual. But...

I liked this P.G. costume more.

Avatar image for ensabahnurx
Posted By EnSabahNurX

Wish it just started with the beginning of their journey instead of this lame villain

The series has good banter between helena and PG but it seems pointless plot wise. I want to support this book but I will only give it till the first issue of the next arc then it's a drop

The art isn't terrible but not good enough to keep me interested, get the artist from the huntress mini

Avatar image for johnnywalker
Posted By JohnnyWalker

i had such high hopes for this. kept picking it up hoping it would get better. dropping it. shame on dc.

Avatar image for lordrequiem
Posted By LordRequiem

That guy had a suspiciously Anti-Monitor shape.

Avatar image for phaedrusgr
Posted By Phaedrusgr

@Beast_in_the_Shadows: Yup...exactly my thoughts. And I used to love that costume of hers. Her New52 (old) costume sucks.

Avatar image for shiro11
Posted By shiro11

The only part I really like about this series is the flashbacks.

Avatar image for baddamdog
Posted By Baddamdog

I think I'm gonna drop it until something really interesting happens.

Avatar image for rav4
Posted By rav4

1 issue into the Ame Comi Power Girl edition and I already like that version a million times better than her New 52 garbage. Seeing as how I can get my PG fix from Ame Comi now, I'll stick to that and never touch this book again, thanks.

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Posted By JayMar89

they should let james robinson write this and earth 2 since hes off he man and another one of his runs is ending on another comic i think the shade

Avatar image for mrfuzzynutz
Posted By Mrfuzzynutz

I am curious for folks who deem George Perez's art as awful and not up to his normal standards, who do they consider better?

It's George friggin Perez people!!

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow, crazy Anti-Monitor vibes from that cover, even if its not AM.

Avatar image for redqueen
Posted By RedQueen

@shiro11 said:

The only part I really like about this series is the flashbacks.

Same here, and when that's the case ...well, I'm giving it two more issues before I drop.

Avatar image for tdk_1997
Posted By TDK_1997

The series is promissing but the hope is still not out yet.