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EXCLUSIVE: 4-Page Preview of WORLDS' FINEST #4

In the the conclusion of the first WORLDS' FINEST story arc, Huntress and Power Girl team up against a giant monster -- but will they beat it?

The conclusion to Paul Levitz' first WORLDS' FINEST story arc is almost here, and it looks like Huntress and Power Girl may be ever so slightly over their heads on this one. With a giant monster bent on the destruction of Tokyo, the girl's are forced to ask themselves, who is behind all of this? And will they succeed in stopping them? The adventures of Huntress and Power Girl team-up continues and readers learn a bit more about the two heroine's and what they can and cannot do, (Power Girl, for example, is not immune to this monster's radiation). How will it all end? Levitz is joined by artists George Perez and Scott Koblish for issue #4 of WORLDS' FINEST. The issue will be made available this Wednesday, August 1st 2012.

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Written by: Paul Levitz

Art by: George Perez and Scott Koblish

Hakkou, the Irradiated Man – the mysterious bad guy who might have a connection to Earth 2 – has grown to monstrous proportions. It’s up to Power Girl and Huntress to stop him – from destroying Tokyo?!

Huntress learns how crime works on this Earth in the mean streets of Rome!

Plus: Learn what the heroic duo have been up to in the five years since they arrived on this Earth!

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