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Everything You Wanted to Know About the New Whiskey Multi-Pass

Find out how this will change your account.

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As you may know, Comic Vine and all the Whiskey Media sites are having a Big Live Live Show (live) tomorrow. Yes, it's going to be live. We will deliver an epic 8-hour live show beginning at 10 a.m. PDT. Why are we doing this? Partly because we want to share a part of our lives with you. We will also unveil the details of our subscriber/paid accounts.  


On the topic of a paid account, you may be asking, "Why should I pay?" We will be offering some ultra-cool benefits such as an awesome T-shirt, access to mobile versions of our sites, HD videos, downloadable videos as well as some other super-secret stuff. You'll have to tune in tomorrow to get all the details.

"What's this talk about a Whiskey Multi-Pass?" Many of you have asked for it, the Multi-Pass will be a way for you to link up all of your accounts on Whiskey Media sites. That means you can tie together your Comic Vine, Giant Bomb, Tested, Screened and Anime Vice accounts. Your wiki points and profiles will all be connected. That means if you have loads of wiki points on one site, you'll have the same level of access on the other sites. Converting your accounts is easy and it's free. It should only take you a few minutes. If you plan on subscribing, you'll need a Multi-Pass if you want to support us by subscribing.

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Do you still have questions about linking your accounts? You can check out the handy-dandy video created by Captain Cascader (AKA Snide) below. 

 == TEASER ==  

If that wasn't enough, mobile versions of all sites that work in any HTML5 compliant browser will be available along with downloadable versions of all our videos. If that still isn't enough of a reason, check out this video: