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Everything Wrong with 2012's Comic Book Movies

Did The Dark Knight Rises,The Avengers or The Amazing Spider-Man have more "flaws?"

Regardless of which one is your favorite, there's no denying this year was an awesome cinematic experience for comic fans. Marvel's The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, Dredd... there was something for all of us to enjoy.  After the likes of Green Lantern in 2011, this year was certainly one to appreciate.
But as expected, this also brought a dark cloud over our community. The trio of big movies divided many comic book fans as they picked their favorite and attempted to cite why it was superior (sorry, Parker, poor choice of words) to the others. Well, a Youtube account called "CinemaSins" has popped up and made 3 hilarious videos pointing out "everything wrong" with this year's big 3 CBMs. 
Remember, a fair amount of these "flaws" are just thrown in for comedic value. No matter what I say, a discussion on which movie was "the best" or "the worst" is bound to break out. Please keep the conversation friendly or not even Odin will be able to save you from the ban hammer.

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Posted By Jean199999

@modunhanul:Wait's already out?

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Posted By GREGalicious

Problems I had were:

1. A largely unimpressive BANE and underutilized TALIA AL GHUL in Dark Knight Rises,

2. Amazing Spider-Man was nearly a complete bore (and definitely less impressive than any of Toby's Spider-Man films) and the overly long rehash of his origins was really annoying.

3. The uninteresting BLACK WIDOW instead of either WASP, MS MARVEL, or SCARLET WITCH in The Avengers.

I absolutely cannot wait for the upcomming comic films; Man of Steel, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Thor: The Dark World, and Kick-Ass 2!!!

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Posted By iHailCarlo

TDKR was a great movie, the other 2 were meh, especially TASM.

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Posted By ImTheDamnBatman

I did not care for the Avengers at all. The plot was predictable (Oh no, a giant alien army! We have to stop the person/object that's making them keep coming!) and the tone was bleh. When I watch a super hero movie, I want it to be serious for the most part (Here's lookin' at you, Justice League) and not a cartoon with live actors. It had a nice script, I'll give it that.

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Posted By tobiasPUNK

@treefreak32: Am I suppose to care? This is a forum where we all have the right to free speech and to share our opinions. And because I don't appreciate spending my hard earned money to be disappointed again and again by Marvel, you hate me. Congratulations you must have the most complicated first world problems.

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Posted By uncle_walker

The Amazing Spider-man is a monumental disaster.....

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Posted By kathy589

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Posted By treefreak32

@tobiasPUNK:2 things

1: Dude, sorry I overreacted

2: Although not without it's Flaws, the Avengers is one of the best comic book movies ever. Period. If you want to have an opinion, that's cool, but my opinion is that your opinion sucks.

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Posted By Uncanny_XFactor

Love this series, thanks for the posts. My favorite moment from those Avengers sins has to be "And suddenly, there was Bruce Banner on a motorcycle!" Anyone else want to see these guys crossover with Honest Trailers?