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Entertainment Earth's Cylon Commander Comic-Con Convention Exclusive

This isn't your average Cylon. It's gold and its head bobbles!

One thing people tend to forget about San Diego Comic-Con is the exclusive merchandise. There usually are many different exclusive items ranging from comics with variant covers, t-shirts and of course toys.

Entertainment Earth has been revealing various Comic-Con exclusives on their website lately. They have given us the honor the next reveal - Cylon Commander Comic-Con Convention Exclusive.

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As you can see, it's a bobble head. But it's not just a regular bobble head. This one has lights and sound. What I really dig is it's the classic version of a Cylon. And being that it's a Cylon Commander, he gets the fancy gold treatment. Check out the details:

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Commander (Gold) Bobble Head with Lights and Sound - Convention Exclusive

Price: $25.00

Celebrate Battlestar Galactica’s 35th anniversary with this exclusive 7-inch Gold Cylon Commander Bobble Head that talks! With the touch of a button, this Cylon Commander's visor lights up, the red light moves from side to side, and sounds are activated. Hear "By your command", laser blasts, and other series-true phrases!

Another great thing about this exclusive is you do not need to attend SDCC in order to get it. It will indeed be sold there but you can pre-order it online and it will ship after SDCC.

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You can pre-order here!

What are your thoughts on bobble heads?