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Elektra Will Join The X-Men As Well

Guess the X-Men need an assassin on the team.

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You've all been waiting for it, here's the next wacky X-Men announcement. Okay, maybe not wacky but definitely different. Today we're seeing Elektra the assassin along with Gambit proclaiming that they are X-Men. I don't have a major problem with her being on the team but it's a little harder to make the argument for her place as it was with the others. 
With Spider-Man, we can bend the Marvel definition of mutant and say that he's been mutated since the spider bite. Savage She-Hulk is a genetic mutation of sorts given she's from the future and a mix of Thundra and Hulk's DNA. You can even argue for Blade since he's not a normal vampire and can be considered a mutant, at least within the community of Vampires. But Elektra?
How can we justify Elektra? She has died, a couple times (at least). That could put her in the Jean Grey category perhaps. Maybe that would be her latent mutant ability, getting killed and coming back to life. She is good friends with Wolverine so I can understand why she might hang around the team if she doesn't have any other place to be. 
The question is, how long will these characters remain X-Men? Are they all planning on moving to Utopia? Will Elektra and Psylocke accidentally get their costumes mixed up in the laundry (since they're basically the same)? We shall have to wait and see.
Who's going to be next?