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Eight People Who Could Become the Next Juggernaut

The Gem of Cyttorak is in the grasp of multiple people. Who will become the next avatar?

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In the current run of Christopher Yost's and Jorge Fornés' AMAZING X-MEN, the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak has reappeared and it's a race to see who can grab it to become the next avatar of Cyttorak AKA the Juggernaut. While villains are off to the location to find the gem, the X-Men are there as well to make sure no one gains its power. Also being pulled towards the gem are two characters who have held the power before: Colossus and Cain Marko.

With part three of this four part story hitting stores on Wednesday, February 25th, fans are beginning to wonder who if anyone, will become the next Juggernaut. We decided to take a look at the most important players in this current arc to see who could be the next avatar of Cyttorak. There is actually a chance that no one will become the next Juggernaut, but where's the fun in that?

While the first two picks are merely fantasy picks, since the Gem did not call to them, it did call out to five other people, so let's take a look at who could have a chance at wearing the giant red armor.


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How insane would it be if Storm became the next Juggernaut? Although it's not very plausible, Storm has been very vocal about how dangerous the Gem is and even forced Colossus to stay back at the school so he wouldn't feel tempted to regain the Juggernaut's powers. Chances of this happening are extremely slim, but it would be an incredibly cool turn for the character and book and prove that no one is safe from the Gem's influence. However, much like when Colossus had the power, Storm would become extremely over-powered and almost unstoppable, so aside from being a worthy X-Men adversary, there's not too much fun in that.

Rachel Summers

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Out of the rest of the X-Men involved in the hunt for the Gem, Rachel Summers has been a pretty big part of this story line, helping the team battle off all the people that felt the calling of the Gem. Frankly she's just on this list because it would be a real cool addition to the book. Rachel has been around here and there, but she's been in the background quite a bit or felt like a sidekick. We'd love to see Rachel get some of the spotlight and what better way to give her the powers of the Juggernaut. On top of that, she's a telepath, which is what you need to stop Juggernaut. Sure, just like Storm, she'd be a bit over-powered, but it would be great to see this secondary character get a little more spotlight.


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Here's where we get into the section of people who actually felt the call of the Gem of Cyttorak. Crossbones was busy killing AIM soldiers in South America when he felt the call of Cyttorak which speaks to a certain type of person, mainly those who can be controlled. Crossbones is a man who works for hire, a mercenary, and one that is already pretty powerful on his own but without super-powers, since his powers from the Terrigen mists seemed to have disappeared. If you want a terrifying Juggernaut who doesn't hold back and is willing to kill, then Crossbones is the perfect fit. Out of everyone listed, Crossbones is the deadliest choice.


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Man-Killer is a reformed villain and ex-member of the Thunderbolts with a pretty awful name. She also heard the call of the Gem while having a drink in Colorado. While the character has been around since the 1970s, Man-Killer hasn't been seen in the past few years. She's got this tough, Brigitte Nielsen look going for her and she's already in red, so the transition to Juggernaut could be easy. She's at the temple where the gem appears and just like everyone else searching for it, she's not someone you want to mess with.

Fahd Alireza AKA Jinn

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Not sure who Fahd Alireza is? Don't worry. He hasn't appeared in much and he's only been used by Chris Yost. Alireza is an assassin from Dubai with pyrokinetic powers. He can also create fire, along side controlling it. Part 2 of the story line has shown that Alireza is one tough cookie and wants to find the Gem that spoke to him. He does seem like a character that you can reason with though, making dealing with Alireza possible. It's hard to say what Alireza will be like if he becomes the Juggernaut, since so little is known about him. However, because he's a Yost created character, there's a good chance he could become the avatar.

Unknown Person

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When they're showing the characters that are being called by the Gem, there's one page where we can't see who it is, from the Sahara Desert. What characters are from that area that could be hearing the call? Chances are that this is going to be the next avatar of Cyttorak just because we haven't see him or her, but until then, we'll have to wait and see who this surprise character is.


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Colossus having the powers of the Juggernaut felt a bit silly. He was extremely over-powered, and it just felt pointless. However, just like most of the characters called to the Gem, Colossus wants to go to it. This is one of the more compelling parts of this story line since everyone wants Colossus as far away from the Gem as possible. While Colossus becoming the avatar for Cyttorak doesn't seem incredibly likely, since he's had his time, it still makes for a really interesting story. However, he's still more plausible than Rachel or Storm.

Cain Marko

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Last and certainly not least is Cain Marko, who has spent the majority of his time, outside of the Juggernaut costume, farming with a really sweet beard. Cain and the Gem go way back to the early days of the X-Men and where his step-brother, Charles Xavier had to stop Cain time and time again with psychic blasts. While Cain arrives late to the party in this story, fans would love to see him wear the Juggernaut outfit again and maybe even try to start fresh as a hero, again. Cain still walks that line between hero and villain, so how he'll fit into this story is a still a bit of a unknown until the next issue.

While the Gem could potentially pick anyone to be the avatar of Cyttorak, five of these people are extremely plausible to become the next Juggernaut and two of them are a mere pipe dream. Make sure to check out AMAZING X-MEN #17, on sale Wednesday, February 24th, to find out if anyone gains the power or not. Who do you want to become the next Juggernaut?