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Eight More Revelations About Superman in ACTION COMICS #6 [Spoilers]

This explosive issue is jam packed with new events to Superman's mythos.

Of all the "New 52" issues, ACTION COMICS is has given us the most new revelations. Superman is still the same character yet we're seeing lots of changes happening to his character. The Superman in ACTION COMICS has had a completely different feel from the current day one in SUPERMAN. The reasons for that and so much more are explained in this issue.

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If you haven't read ACTION COMICS #6, you really really need to do yourself a favor and read this issue. There is a lot that happens here. There are plenty of new revelations. There will be some spoilers below but not everything will be revealed (despite us pointing out EIGHT items). Also you really need to see everything to be fully exposed to the awe contained.

== TEASER ==

The Origin of the Different Variations of Kryptonite

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We've seen many different colors of Kryptonite with different effects (you can see the different variety on the Kryptonite page). For a while the different kinds were erased from continuity but slowly came back. Now, it's been established that the different varieties do exist. Rather than all being random pieces of energized meteorites from Krypton's explosion, they are now all derived from the same source.

What is this source they all come from? You'll have to read the comic for that. Just know that they can all be grown from the same source.

The Anti-Superman Army

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We got a glimpse of this team with a common trait, they all hate Superman. Some members refer to themselves as the "K-Men" and have "K-Powers." We saw last issue when Kal-El's ship was encased by Kryptonian Sunstone, only one member was able to shatter, the one with the metallic gauntlet.

While the members of the Anti-Superman Army or the K-Men are not known, that metallic gauntlet looks familiar. Last issue Zod was also wearing one and obviously would want "revenge on the House of El," as mentioned in that same issue. Zod used that hand to penetrate and reach through the Phantom Zone before Krypton exploded. Could this be Zod or merely a coincidence?

The Original Fortress of Solitude

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We saw the interior last issue and here we get to see it from the outside. This Fortress isn't in the cold North Pole but rather the cold of space.

With members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Superman mentions that they're in the original Fortress of Solitude. This was also when he faced the "Terminaut Invastion."

We still don't know exactly when he set this one up, how exactly he got it or how he traveled back and forth (since he wasn't able to fly at that point).

Also, if this is his original, where is he current Fortress? In JUSTICE LEAGUE he referred to an abandoned printing press as his Fortress as well. Does he have one up North? Does he have several Fortresses? There is still more left to discover.

Superman's Powers

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How fast is Superman? We all know he's supposed to be faster than a speeding bullet but when fighting alongside Lightning Man, Superman is able to attack their foe before he can. This means that theoretically, Superman is faster than lightning. How long can he maintain this speed and over how much of a distance is not known.

There's also the matter of Superman's brain, more specifically, his brain tissue. Superman is the Man of Steel. He's invulnerable but what about his insides? There is mention that he possesses "invulnerable brain tissue." Should this be the case? Superman is powered by the Earth's yellow sun so that must power him down to his cells. His entire body is invulnerable.

Was Superman Ever Superboy?

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In a visiting Superman's past, we see him as a boy. He wore the cape and did some 'good deeds' but he wasn't acting as an official superhero. He (most likely) never fully dressed up and performed under the guise of Superboy. It seems he did what he did without being seen by others.

It was Pa later that told Clark he needed to use his powers to become a "force for good--a champion--of the downtrodden..."

Superman's First Flight

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In the first few issues of ACTION COMICS we've seen that Superman doesn't have the ability or knowledge of how to fly. It turned out he actually was able to fly as a kid...with the help of the Legion and a Flight Ring.

Their first meeting, as seen updated in SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN, still holds. Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy traveled back and met him.

Did Lana Lang & Pete Ross Know About His Powers?

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Over the years we've seen some different versions of Clark's childhood. In most cases, both Lana and Pete knew about Clark's special abilities. There has been some tellings of his origin where they didn't both know. That's also what we have here.

In the days before Clark is going to leave Smallville, we see him and Lana sharing a moment together...on the roof of the barn. She talks about him doing what he needs to in the world. With all the things he can do, he has so much to offer the world.

As for Pete, despite Pete's earlier desire to grow up to be a superhero, Clark never confided in him. As he takes a final look around his home, Pete makes a comment to Lana about Clark outside. He's surprised at how good Clark's hearing is when he answers Pete's comment. Clark says it's his his body compensating for his poor vision, telling us that Pete doesn't know the truth.

Superman's Inspiration

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What made Clark Kent decide to be a hero? Despite his father asking him to be a champion while on his deathbed, Clark's desire to do good actually goes back further. It was his meeting with the Legion of Super-Heroes that gave him the inspiration. Because of Saturn Girl's telepathy, she was able to see that the day they met was the best day of his life. That was day he realized he wasn't alone with his power and the universe was a bigger place than he realized. It gave him a reason to be a hero.

That's Not All!

Believe it or not, there are still more surprises in this issue! Some of the Legions' Power is different (specifically Lightning Man's when he's angry and what was up with his arm?). When did Pa die? When did Clark leave (and what happened to the farm)? And much much more. This is not an issue of ACTION COMICS to miss.