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Early Review/Preivew Unthinkable #1

Check out the comic that TSA agents at LAX don't approve.

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In a bad situation gone good, Mark Sable, the writer for Unthinkable was detained at LAX airport after some scripts for the third issue were found (full story HERE).  Why were the TSA agents so suspicious over a comic book script?

Unthinkable is a comic about a government think tank that is formed to try to prevent future terrorist attacks.  The members were tasked to come up with possible scenarios that the government could then protect the country against.  After the group is disbanded, those attacks begin occurring.

Since 9/11, the world hasn't been the same.  We've seen the topic touched upon in different comics but I have to say I like how it is being handled here.  While the airport security that detained Mark were unaware that comics could be on topics other than just superheroes, Unthinkable is a nice change of pace.  I do love the superhero comics but there are other genres to consider as well.

Mark Sable has created a world full of terror and conspiracy that feels like it could happen "in the real world."  While it is entertaining, it also gets you to do some thinking.  While Americans mostly have faith in their country and the leaders, there's always the suspicion that we're not necessarily seeing the bigger picture.  There could be more going on that we are not aware of.  Unthinkable opens up that door.  It's going to be an interesting ride to see where this mini-series ends.  The writing and art simply worked.  Unthinkable #1 gets a 4.5 out of 5.  It's a refreshing change from the action/superhero comics that we see all the time.  I wouldn't mind seeing more comics like this taking on other genres.

Here is the preview.  Unthinkable #1 is in stores May 13, 2009.  With Sable's recent run in at LAX making the news, I would suggest phoning your comic shop in advanced if you plan on getting this issue.
They’ve been hired to think the UNTHINKABLE. But what happens when the unthinkable actually happens? After 9-11, best-selling author Alan Ripley joins a government think tank consisting of the most imaginative minds in diverse fields. Their job? Think of nightmare scenarios and crippling terrorist attacks so the government can safeguard against them. But what happens when the think tank folds, and the attacks start to happen? Find out in this new mini-series from hot writer Mark (TWO-FACE YEAR ONE, CYBORG) Sable and rising talent Julian Totino Tedesco.”
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