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Early Review: Young Justice Ep. 103: Welcome To Happy Harbor

Can the team work together to defeat a new threat?

Young Justice has survived their first battle against Cadmus and now it's time for the team to adjust to their new situation. This is a team that basically fell into place when Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad stumbled upon Superboy. Now with Miss Martian on the team as well, they really need to start to get to know each other if they want to have a chance out on the battlefield
One of the great things about this episode is there are still ties to the first two. An encounter with Roy Harper leaves you wondering what will happen the next time their paths cross. We find out why the adult heroes chose Mount Justice for the young team, even though it's location isn't exactly a secret. 
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The best part of this episode is the characterization. Robin is fearless yet as the youngest member, you do see a touch of his immaturity. Although, Robin's immaturity is nothing compared to Kid Flash's. Wally basically has one thing on his mind and it's funny seeing how Robin reacts to Wally's comments. The Superboy we have here is still fresh out of the cloning tube. He's doing his best to adjust to his new life and freedom while figuring out how he's suppose to interact with the others. Miss Martian is almost in the same situation as she is completely out of the loop when it comes to Earth's customs. Aqualad is the anchor of the team. So far, he has remained calm throughout everything. 
What about villains and the overall episode? 
 == TEASER == 
 Get ready for...Mr. Twister!
 Get ready for...Mr. Twister!
We see a few villains in Welcome to Happy Harbor. In the beginning Brick shows up as his illegal activities on the docks are called into question. The main villain chosen for the team's first official battle was an interesting choice. Mister Twister is probably as unknown to you as he was to them. His appearance here sets up a couple plot points and ends the episode with a tease of what's to come (I won't spoil what villain makes an appearance at the very end). 
Another great thing about the premise of the show is the fact that Red Tornado is the adult that is watching over them. You would think he should be one of the last choice in being a guardian for the young heroes. Being an android, the Red Tornado we see here is completely cold and unfeeling. He is there to look over the team and guide them when necessary but he also strangely doesn't mind when the team decides to go for a ride in Miss Martian's ship. He will not be a kind and caring role model. That could be both good and bad for the kids.
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There were a lot of cool little elements to the episode that shows how much promise this series has. I can't say I was crazy about the choice of villain but it does make sense. The team is learning how to get along and work together so it makes sense that they wouldn't go up against a deadly villain the first time out. There's also the villain that shows up at the end which adds more sense to the choice. I might not have enjoyed this episode as much as the first two but the show is off to a great start.  
Welcome to Happy Harbor premieres Friday, January 21 on Cartoon Network at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT.