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Early Review: The Boys #49

Just as provocative as ever.

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The Boys’ surveillance of the Homelander begins to undercover the big hero’s fractured psychosis, as well as one very big misdeed he may have been involved in.

The Good

Ennis is just a master with words and the Homelander’s opening dialog/monologue in the bathroom was, at once, greatly amusing and chillingly unnerving. All throughout, he infuses all this wildly outlandish superhero espionage with a sense of authenticity almost more convincing than even some true-to-life crime dramas. Compliments should be paid to this arc’s artist, Russ Braun, as he’s seamlessly kept this book in Robertson’s distinct style.

The Bad

This isn’t a title that’s ever been adverse to pushing the envelope. However, this latest story arc, which seems to be angling to reveal that the "supes" of this world were somehow involved in the attacks on the World Trade Center, might be pushing things too far - - even for my taste.

The Verdict – 3.5/5

The hook of The Boys is that it never pulls any punches and, unlike some series that seem to gradually ease back on the provocation as they get along, it’s maintained a consistent (perhaps even escalating) level of shock for almost 50 straight issues. While this current arc’s spin on alternate (recent) history might be too touchy for my tastes, you’ve got to admire the book for living up to its ballsy promises so consistently.