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Early Review: Soldier Zero from Stan Lee, Paul Cornell & BOOM!

Will Soldier Zero be a HERO or an actual ZERO?

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Stan Lee has joined forces with BOOM! Studios. The first title to hit the stands is Soldier Zero by Paul Cornell and Javier Pina. What can we expect with this new hero? Will this be something "new" or just another superhero? 

The Good 

It's not often we see characters that are bound to using wheelchairs. I have to admit that when I first heard that the main character, Stuart Trautmann would be in one, I wondered if it was going to be too cliché. It turns out it's not. Leave it to Paul Cornell to write a character having to deal with awkward responses from other people around. 
As an introductory issue, we find out about the major players and see the origin of "Soldier Zero." While there isn't a huge amount of action, it all is executed nicely as the story pulls you in. You know how the "origin" will most likely end but taking the trip is a fun ride. We aren't given all the answers or background on Soldier Zero. We're given just enough to move the story forward and give you a reason to come back for issue #2. 
The character designs are nice and Javier Pina does a good job creating different looks for everyone. The style clearly fits in with the rest of the BOOM! titles, even if this is set in a different 'universe.' 

The Bad 

There might've been a moment or too where the dialouge felt a tiny bit cheesy. Also while the character designs and scenes in space were cool, sometimes the backgrounds felt a little lacking when Trautmann was talking to friends or family. 

The Verdict - 4/5 

I am hooked. If you've read and enjoyed other BOOM! titles like Irredeemable or Incorruptible, you should definitely enjoy this. This series doesn't have that hard edge that those books have but there are parts of the tone that make it feel like something you'd expect and want from BOOM! It's always great being able to read a good comic book story from the first issue. We may not have the full history of the alien Soldier Zero but we also don't have to worry about decades of continuity. This series definitely has potential and it's great seeing a lead character that has to deal with being in a wheel chair as well as how others treat and look at him. Be sure to pick up this book when it is released to treat yourself to something new.