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Early Review: Skullkickers #3

We get a look at Skullkickers 3 a week early.

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The Skullkickers hit the road and discover an army of the dead. Skullkickers #3 will hit a comic book store near you on Wednesday, November 24th, and we have an early review for you guys!

The Good

"Imminent Violence!" The funniest sentence I read in this book. It was one of those laugh out loud moments. There's another moment where captions pop up on the panel describing the body and facial expressions of the two main characters. Original and really funny stuff. Comedy is pretty tough to do in a comic, but this book hits it on the head. Combine that with the cartoon-esque art style, and you've got writing and art that feels like it was made for each other. There's this great two-page spread where the Dwarf character starts hallucinating and sees the constellation of Taurus comes to life and it's just a beautifully done spread that really pops off the page. The character designs in this book are also fantastic. One of my personal favorites is a brutish sea-foam green character with a few extra mouths on his shoulders and head. There are also some cool undead skeleton guards that remind me of the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. Lastly, I'll read any comic with a recipe for stew in the back. That's right. There's a recipe for stew.

The Bad

Not the best place to jump on, but you get a decent feel for the book and who these characters are from this single issue. I still have a few unanswered questions, but the story itself was entertaining enough to make me forget about that. I'm also not a big fan of the fantasy genre, so as soon as I see magic flying around, I'm a little turned off by it.

The Verdict 4/5 Recommended

This book is ridiculous, in a good way. We're only three issues in, so you should still be able to find the first two at your local comic book store. It may not be everyone's cup-o-tea, but it is a fun-fantasy adventure filled with great action, dialogue, and recipes for stew.