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Early Review: Darkness #87

The history of Regis Tyne.

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Where did Regis Tyne come from? What is his connection to Darkness? Darkness is one of those books I've never read before, but I've always been meaning to. I know very little about the character other than a cursed item is attached to him. Coming into a series that's been around for years and had multiple volumes can be a bit tough.

The Good

As I stated before, I've never read an issue of The Darkness before this one, but I loved what issue #87 had to offer. The storytelling is extremely solid and new reader friendly. Sure, I may not know who anyone in this book is, but that didn't stop me from being sucked in. This issue is all about the back story of Regis Tyne, who is Jackie Estacado's accountant, the current bearer of The Darkenss. I bet if I were reading this book, the story and character turns in here would be a bit shocking. The vast majority of the issue covers how Regis got to where he is at and the cult he works for. It has great pacing, and better yet, great art. This is one of those few times where I liked almost everything about the issue, and I will continue reading the book after this.

The Bad

Aside from new reader confusion, I had no problems with this book. It was fantastic.

The Verdict 4.5/5 - Highly Recommended

Ok Jumping On Point

If you've ever read any of the Darkness before, but maybe you've dropped off, you should have no problem jumping back onto this book. For the few of us who have never read the book before, there will be some confusing points in the issue, but it stands out on its own. I've come to learn this year that Top Cow does a lot of quality books that I didn't think I'd like. I really got sucked into Magdalena and Artifacts this year, because of other reviews I've done, and now I plan on catching up with Darkness. I highly recommend this issue.