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Early Days of Peter Parker Explored in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: YEAR ONE

Year One: Learning to Crawl looks back at Peter's early days as Spider-Man.

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Some big news for Peter Parker fans today as SFGate announced that coming in May, writer Dan Slott, along with artist Ramon Perez, will explore the early days of Peter Parker adapting to his new spider-powers in the story THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, YEAR ONE: LEARNING TO CRAWL.

This five-part story, which begins on May 7th and concludes in September, will deal with Parker's early days of juggling his new-found powers, home life, and school life, and it will define how he became that clever, one-liner spewing hero that fans love and embrace.

Slott had this to say, in his interview at SFGate, about the early days of the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN comic:

"When you're looking at things in those issues, you're going: 'Wait a minute! How did this happen? How did he get this? Where did this come from? Why didn't Aunt May ever wonder about that?'..You start looking at it closer and closer and you go, 'There's a story here that we're not seeing... A very pivotal and crucial story that lovingly respects everything that went on but tells you more, so much more about Spider-Man and so much more about Peter Parker."

Slott has hinted there may or may not be a new villain within this story that may or may not be Parker's peer. This seems to be the focus for Parker during his year one adventure.

"He's got his first villain who is his own age, someone that he's inspired" instead of clashing with The Vulture or Doctor Octopus or the Lizard, all of whom were adults and authority figures... He's a troubled teen hero fighting a troubled teen villain!"

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, YEAR ONE: LEARNING TO CRAWL, written by Dan Slott, with Ramon Perez on art and Alex Ross creating the covers, hits comic shelves and the Internet on May 7th.