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Dynamite Offers Warlord of Mars #1 for a Dollar

The classic pulp character gets a modern makeover.

 Who did this cover? Alex Ross, of course.
 Who did this cover? Alex Ross, of course.

Comic Vine received a press release from Dynamite today letting us know that they’re launching WARLORD OF MARS in October for a dollar-priced first issue. The series, spinning out of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic pulp series, will be written by Arvid Nelson, drawn by Stephen Sadowski & Lui Antonio and covered by the likes of Alex Ross and J. Scott Campbell. The famous John Carter of Mars will be joining the impressive roster of heroes Dynamite's steadily assembled from the long, crisscrossing tradition of comics, pulp and literature. I’m talking about characters like the Green Hornet, the Lone Ranger, Zorro, the Phantom, Buck Rogers and Sherlock Holmes.
The quick bio - - John Carter, the "Warlord of Mars," is a Civil War veteran who gets transported to the red planet (Barsoom, as the natives call it) which has been ravaged by climate decline and years of war. He winds up in the middle of a bitter conflict between the red martians and the monstrous, four-armed green martians - - and he famously romances Dejah Thoris, the former's princess! Natch.  == TEASER ==

Now some history - - another creation of TARZAN author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Carter debuted in 1912 with the serialized pulp novel, PRINCESS OF MARS.  The character’s been in and out of popular eye over the decades. He’s shown up in a lot of comics. Probably the most memorable up until this point, for me, was his appearance in the second volume of LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN.   “Mockbuster” production company, Aslyum, just put out a DTV PRINCESS OF MARS movie while there’s actually a big budget adaptation from Pixar that’s currently in production. It’ll star Taylor “ Gambit” Kitsch.

Here’s what Dynamite’s prez, Nick Barruci, had to say about this title…

"This is a project that we've been working on for quite a bit… We plan to capture all the grit and action of the original, while expanding the story with brand-new elements, exploring the back story and earlier events of this classic tale!  To allow the series to be accessible to fans old and new, we are offering the first issue at the Introductory Price of $1.00 for the full ENTIRE 32 page comic…!”

  And, to cap it all off, here's some of the gorgeous interior and exterior art we've received for the series...

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