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Dr. Doom Asks for a Limited Series and Told to Go To Hell

Is it a good or a bad thing that Doom is going to Hell?

Dr. Doom is an arrogant jerk. And that's putting it lightly. He's been a thorn in the side of the Fantastic Four pretty much from the beginning and has been such an ass over the years. But he's still a pretty cool villain.

We don't often see villains getting the spotlight in their own series or limited series but because Doom is so deserving (at least in his opinion), this November he will be getting a four issue series.

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Nick Spencer will handle the writing while Becky Cloonan will do the art. The series is simply called Victor Von Doom. By the look of this image, his face is clearly scar-free. Does that mean this is a flashback story? He does appear younger. We know he was obsessed with Hell due to his mom's soul being stuck there.

Normally a flashback series on a character I already know just about everything about wouldn't sound too appealing but with Nick Spencer on board and Cloonan's art, I am pretty curious. This is also the same month when Fantastic Four #600 is out. Coincidence or will it be a FF-themed month?