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Don't Miss The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XX (10/18/09)

Can you believe this will be the twentieth Halloween special?

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Wow, the twentieth Halloween special on The Simpsons.  The episode airs tomorrow night, so make sure you watch it or set your DVR.  Obviously I've always been a big fan of The Simpsons.  There was a time when I was teaching and we had thirty minute "advisory" periods and I'd show an episode.  This was my way to have a "life lesson" that we could discuss.  Sure they weren't necessarily world-shattering lessons but it was still a way to get these high school kids to actually participate when they weren't too keen on the planned curriculum for the period.  It was shortly after this that the assistant principal informed me that colleges were starting similar Simpsons Philosophy classes.  
As far as the Treehouse Of Horror episodes, you're not going to really get any applicable life lessons.  But you will get some entertainment. posted a guest blogger's take on tomorrow's episode.  According to the synopsis:

Lisa is drawn into a Hitchcockian revenge plot when she isn't chosen for an academic honor; Krusty invents a ghastly fast-food item that unleashes a plague of zombies; and Moe's microbrew has a vile secret ingredient.

The stories spoofed here are based on Dial M For Murder, 28 Days Later and Sweeney Todd.  The blogger wasn't too impressed with the episode overall.  I suppose we'll have to watch it for ourselves and see if we agree.  Do you plan on watching it?